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Grey Buddhist Mar 7, 2014 @ 1:59pm
Some tips for beginners (aka newbies)
Here are some things I have discovered (mostly by dying alot) that may help beginners in this game. (Veterans please feel free to add more tips if you have them)
Most, if not all, of these can be found online and/or in some game guides. I just wanted to put some out there to help people who might not be inclined to take the time to look for it elsewhere.

1 - Optics. This is how well your unit sees enemies. While all units will be able to see units at some point, some are able to see enemies a little better. If you notice some enemies keep showing up, then disappearing, on your maps...most likely that is someone around them sees them then loses sight of them...but with better optics they probably would not disappear as much, if at all.

2 - ECM. Even the best ECM does not mean your plane can survive attacks...it just means it has a slightly better chance. Good ECM = oh oh..incoming attacks, time to drop some flares/chaff and pray it's enough! Poor ECM = oh oh...incoming attacks, all I can really do is pray that it doesn't do too much damage before I can get away!

3 - Recon tips. When running recon elements in vehicles/copters, remember that it is best to get them to their area quickly, then UNLOAD them and move the vehicle/copter away from them. Keeping them in the vehicle/copter makes them more visible, easier to hit, and more likely to die fast. Moving all the vehicles/copters to a safe area and then grouping those to act as an extra offensive force will usually work better than sending them alone to do something.
ALWAYS have some recon in your deck! If you can't see the enemy, you will not last long.

4 - Armor and Infantry groups. Always...ALWAYS provide them with some sort of anti-air defense! Whether your keeping any eye on them ready to send your jets out (not the best way), or have 1...or more anti-air personnel/vehicles moving with them (best way). Just sending out a bunch of infantry and/or tanks with no anti-air is begging the enemy to have some target practice at your expense.

5 - Always put your long distance artillery (howitzers, rockets (NOT anti-air ones)) under a control group. Example: choose an artillery, while they are chosen click CTRL-1. After that everytime you choose the number 1, it will automatically go to that artillery. This makes it alot easier in the middle of fierce battles to click 1, and aim/fire wherever you want some extra damage to be striking.

6 - Always try and make decks that do more than one thing. In other words don't go only Air Force...only tanks...only attack copters...those are guaranteed to help you lose. At minimum you want Airplanes (to counter enemy air, take out anti-air radar, and take out enemy armor/infantry), Recon (to keep track of the enemy), Logistics (you need command vehicles to take over neutral areas, you need supply vehicles to keep your army supplied with ammo, fuel, and repair), and a FOB (to keep your supply vehicles supplied).

7 - Air Force. When you send your Air Force to do a mission, as soon as they take out the target (or the target disappears) click EVAC. EVAC basically is telling the jet to go back to base immediately. It can still get shot down after you click EVAC, but it will survive ALOT longer than if you just let it fly around in a circle in the target area.

8 - When playing multiplayer always communicate with your teammates! Nothing worse than everyone sending command vehicles to take over Area 1...but no one sent any to Area 2, 3, or 4. Or just as bad is if you and your teammates all have fighter jets flying to take out 1 enemy fighter...but 5 other enemy fighters are unchallenged.

9. Never underestimate troop numbers. While 2 super tanks might seem awesome, someone with 16 non-supertanks will make your supertanks disappear in the right situation.

I hope these help someone.
Thank you for taking the time to read through them.
Date Posted: Mar 7, 2014 @ 1:59pm
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