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Originally posted by "Romiros":
Ok, some of you maybe know about biggest Russian social network vkontakte.com. VK.com has a community wargame_ab[vk.com]. In january we passed 2000 members point and this was celebrate by exclusive, we can call it conversation, with MadMad. He agreed to answer on some question from Russian community about Wargame: Red dragon. Some questions are not up-to-day, but some of this question now are frequently asked in this forum, so we decide to post answers here to stop flooding.

Hello Mad, I'm glad that you agreed to answer some of our questions about Red Dragon.

To be honest we've been surprised about East theme of next Wargame. We thought that next Wargame will be Mediterranean escalation or something about that, with Yugoslavia, Italy and others countries of Europe and, in our dreams, maybe with Israel. How did you come to this choice - game about Far East?
Of course, a Mediterranean theater was considered, but the countries involved wouldn’t have provided as much original units as Sweden (the main reason for selecting Scandinavia in ALB) had.
A late Italian army could have been fun, as well as a mixed NATO/WP-equiped JNA, but most other countries would barely have had an original vehicle in their roaster.
Hence why we decided to move this third installment both in time and space to Asia and the early 90’s.

You moved timeline to 1995 and that gave birth to a lot of question. You tell us about alternative history where Union didn’t fall. We see RUSSIA sight in screenshot from campaign
Is it mistake or in some campaigns IT HAPPENED ?
The campaign pictures we have released as of yet, whatever the excitation they have already generated, are still “work in progress” shots. They have already improved in our latest version, and some mistakes (like “RUSSIA” instead of “USSR”) are already fixed.
Without spoiling too much of the post-1989 storyline, let’s say that a dramatic event which took place in 1991, had it concluded differently, might have changed the course of History and distort international relationships greatly .. compared to what we know. ;)

W:AB made a big progress as a cybersport discipline: ESL league, especially. Do you plan improvements for that kind of activity in Red Dragon: clan system, streams, maybe spectator mode?
We're still thinking, and discussing about it.

If it is not a secret: how big were sales of Wargame in CIS countries? Do you plan to sale RD in China itself?
We don't have sales per country, so we can't answer that about CIS countries.

As for China, who wouldn’t like to make sales in China? :)
Yet, we are perfectly aware that the videogame market isn’t that developed, nor completely opened, especially for a game featuring China.
Therefore, yes, we’d like too, but that is not our main target, nor the reason why Asia was selected as a setting for Red Dragon.

Grigorii Kobav (and he’s not only one) ask about 2S4 Tyulpan in future games or DLC.
2S4 Tyulpan was considered both for EE & ALB … but discarded both times.
Not only have NSWP, and USSR in particular, already has the biggest choice in artillery units without need for an extra-one, but it is technically troublesome.
Tyulpan, just like infantry support weapons (mortars, heavy ATGM, …), would require special animations & FX to representing its setting-up process … and would fire backward!
None of this are insurmountable problems, but all of them together would require too much work for a unit which isn’t essential. Although, I agree, it would be quite a fun one …
Hence, you shouldn’t expect the 2S4 in any near future.

Pavel Volovik ask: Is there any infantry in RD starting on boats as their default transport, not on amphibious AMPs?

Will NATO get Javelin ATGM?
Nor USSR the Kornet if you already had the comparision in mind … :D

Will RD have some kind of mechanic for Laser designation?
We already have a mechanic allowing for better accuracy when a spotter as a LOS on target.
So, no, no special one for laser designator.

Eduard Lobanov ask: Will you change time limit in campaigh - 20 minutes?
Time limit in ALB campaigns was set in a way to match the persistence system. If you play battle for one hour in order to be allowed to crush your enemy completely in one try, there is no point in the persistence system. Hence no point in the solo campaign at all.

Yet, we have made so many changes in our dynamic campaign, that time limit "issue" might not be one now.

Aleksand Gigulskih ask: How scale of maps will increase?
There will be more playable terrain per map, either by an increase in maps size or thanks to the fact that mountainous terrain are no playable.

Anton Astankov ask: Will we had maps with mountain warfare?

Will be weather change or night maps?

Aleksandr Vlasenko ask:How ground units will fight against large ships, especially with large destroyers?
With missiles if they possess one and have the range.
Otherwise, engaging ships will be (leaving aside ships themselves) the role of dedicated anti-ships helicopters & planes.

Will we see maps with naval battles only?

Will be t-90 in game (this is most asking question about RD =) )
Aleksandr Timofeev add a question about active protection of T-90, Shtora for example.
You wouldn’t want me to spoil you the pleasure of finding out by yourself, would you? :twisted:

T80U ask: Do you plan cinematics (on engine or live) in single player campaign?

How big attention you have about storyline?
We have always given the greatest attention to integrate our uchronies into the “real History” as realistically as possible.
The same care will drive Red Dragon’s scenarios.

Vyacheslav Kurtov ask: How much time it need for creation of map?
An average of two weeks (depending on the size) ... if it is perfect the first time, which is never the case. They usually come by and forth according to testing and quality control.

John Shark ask: Do you plan changes in multiplayer?
Yes and no.
The core of the game will be the same, yet new types of unit and naval mechanics will have a heavy impact on the present “meta”.

Will we see some kind of scenario games with locked types of units on map (looks like locked decks we had in closed beta of EE)?
Yes, there will be some kind of these scenarios. The new dynamic campaign is much more scenarized than it used to be. So we think (or hope :) ), this is going to be a very good surprise.

Maks Maksimov ask: Will dead planes sink in water?
Ships or any vehicles’ hulk sink in water.

Will we had LST in RD?
Some tanks/vehicles will come by landing ships.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for great game.
Thank you for your support … :D
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