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Lost/Alone 22. Jan. 2014 um 21:03 Uhr
Have they fixed single player campaign yet?
Hey guys

I checked out Airland battle just after release, but ended up just giving up because the single player campaign was just so frustratingly implemented - things like the morale and initiative system making it progressively less likely that you'll win a battle if you can't get a total victory first time out. I distinctly remember battles where the only option that made sense for either side was to just sit still and do nothing and wait out the timer, because the only possible victory condition was wiping the enemy out but with only 750 points to work with, attacking into a dense cluster of entrenched ATGM wielding infanty was beyond foolish.

The same happened with some decks at any points level because the decks were just really badly suited to many types of battle, some of them lacking in two different, radically important dimensions that even the most rookie player could tell would be a major problem. Stuff like no tanks, or no AA, or no air support. Attacking any enemy force with anything other than your one good unit was at best a gamble and at worst completely impossible.

Anyway, something reminded me that Wargame:ALB exists and I figured I'd come back and find out if any of these issues have been patched out yet.

I know the campaign isn't the priority, but the devs always seemed to communicate with players and be interested in what the community wanted so it seems like they might have gotten round to it at some point.

If I go and try again am I going to have a better experience than I did before?
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ŊЏ | Shifu 23. Jan. 2014 um 6:21 Uhr 
I'm not playing singleplayer, but stuff has changed to my knowledge. If you consider it 'fixed' that's something I can't answer ..
Mark 23. Jan. 2014 um 7:51 Uhr 
Short answer: yes, exactly the things you name have been improved.
Root 23. Jan. 2014 um 19:10 Uhr 
I'm playing the campaign right now and am really frustrated. On easy it's taking me out and I have to hit exit before I lose the battle and try again. I'd say I win about 1 in 4 battles. The problem you talk about where certain divisions don't work isn't so bad, as I find there is a certain combination of units that will eventually win the battle. It's just completely random where you have to place them to work.

The AI is really tough, no trickery seems to work on it. A dev once explained that the AI was meant to be a sparring partner, not a casual gamer's entertainment.

I find setting up a skirmish with an AI partner set to hard versus two AI set to easy tends to work better. I can have my fun blowing up the opposition and I don't feel so desperate to achieve victory conditions or avoid using valuable units that I'd need for the next battle.

As far as the campaign having fights you don't want to play...yeah, that's still there. For every one battle you want to have there may be three that day that you don't even want to do.

Typically, I'll just turtle on those fights and just watch a youtube video while the 20min battle timer goes.
imrahil2 26. Jan. 2014 um 7:31 Uhr 
sometimes the single player battles require thinking ahead to the next days battle, for instance if i know i cant beat them on the first day, i make sure i have more map control for the next battle so i can hit their spawn zone in a quick blitz. Because any zones you control at the end of the first battle, you will have for the 2nd one. The divisions you have will be limited due to what type of division they are. For instance, an airborne division isnt going to have many if any tanks other than light versions. This requires some other tactics to use it's strenghs and minimize it's weaknesses.
I suggest watching some of the excellent tutorials to help you understand some of the depth to the game. The ingame tutorial doesnt even scratch the surface.
Giomanach 26. Jan. 2014 um 9:04 Uhr 
still broke for me battle end with 5 mins on the clock only to end in a draw if i destroy every CV the battle still ends in a draw been like it since last two update really sux
CAS 1. Feb. 2014 um 4:54 Uhr 
I really like the campaign! You have to understand the game mechanics so you do not get frustrated. Slow down the enemy and retreat your groups in the beginning and only let them fight when they are rested!
If you do that it is unlikely you get a "draw"
Giomanach 1. Feb. 2014 um 15:38 Uhr 
Ursprünglich geschrieben von CAS:
I really like the campaign! You have to understand the game mechanics so you do not get frustrated. Slow down the enemy and retreat your groups in the beginning and only let them fight when they are rested!
If you do that it is unlikely you get a "draw"
i agree but my issue is a bug you cant win even when u have destroyed every CV and game allways ends with 5min on the clock no matter what it is a draw the game was fine untill the last two updates
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