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GrofflyWoffly Aug 26, 2013 @ 1:02pm
Possible Multiplayer Mode
So, imagine that there are 2-5 players that each terraform their own piece of the world (which would have to be bigger) and then they can send their villages to attack the other towns but the giants can't help and the more prosperity the village has, the greater the army is so you have to keep building your town and defending or attacking at the same time.

Ideally, you would have a peace time eg. 5-10mins but after that, you could attack if you chose or if you wanted long games, you could try and do some sort of capture the flag / king of the hill style game where you have to hold a certain area/city for "x"mins.

Or, another possiblity could be prosperity wars where the winner is first to 1000, 1500, 2000,etc. prosperity and this time, armies destroy what you created eg. gold or mackerel, etc.

However, I dont want to move it too much to multiplayer because its a great sandbox city-building game at the moment and WELL DONE DEVELOPERS for a great game!!!

what do you guys think?
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Toriste Aug 26, 2013 @ 11:45pm 
Well some ideas have been talked out on this topic if you want to check it out :

Also, I feel like this game should be oriented into a "winning" game. I mean, I don't believe that god games, even with objectives, should have a winner or whatsoever. It's about creativity and creations.
For a multi player I was thinking about 4 more giants or something like that that would do "benefits" or "malus" on the sources on earth, they would be underground giants that can control other elements, inert ones, like lava, water (we could have lake in multiplayer) something similar to earthquake ... I don't really know.

Actually I feel like this game is not really "made" for multiplayer at this point, it would ask too much to do something viable with it.
Maybe with mods and such things (if people are interested) we could come up with some nice ideas of multiplayer.
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