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AbbeyAdriaan  [開発者] 2013年6月5日 1時08分
(UPDATED 4-11) Game won't start/No suitable graphics card was found
UPDATE 2*************
As you probably noticed by now, we ran into new problems with the port and system requirement lowering. We tried to fix this ourselves, but we simply failed to fix it.

Of course, we think it's unacceptable that people who bought the game cannot play it. So we decided to hire a group of professional porters to fix the port and system requirement lowering. By now it's obvious we weren't up to this challenge yet.

We believe it's our responsibility to bring people fun and leisure, and for some people we clearly only brought frustrations and false hopes (including ourselves, ironically). We offer our sincere apologies to everyone whose day was more frustrated because of us. All we can offer now is the idea that this issue is now in the hands of people who know what they're doing with the port better than we do. We learned from our mistakes, and are making steps to avoid such blatant mistakes in the future.

I also want to thank you all for your patience and coolness. We are avid gamers ourselves, and we know the feeling of not getting what was promised. In those situations, we often reacted worse than you people! We would have never dreamt to be on this side of the problem, but we'll fully commit to this never happening again.

Once again our apologies, and we hope we can still bring some Reus-leisure in the near future. We will keep you guys updated with the status reports the hired party has for us.

It took us longer than expected, but the port is now progressing well! We'll be delayed a little, but the port should be done in about 4 weeks from now, give or take. Please note that this is a guestimate, and not a guarantee. We just want to give you guys the best guess we have available, so you won't be sitting on your fence without any indication. As mentioned below, this means that we're also progressing well with the lower system requirements, although they might need a little more extra attention. Sorry for the delay, and thanks for your patience!

Hey all.

For those who received this error, here is a guide how to get through it, and to keep you guys up to date with technical improvements on this issue.

There may be 2 reasons why you can't play the game:

1. You're on a laptop, have a graphics card that does meet the minimum requirement, but you also have a graphics card that doesn't meet the minimum requirement, and the standard settings is on the second graphics card.
SOLUTION: Switch to your more powerful graphics card. How that should be done depends on your laptop, and you're quickest of google-ing it. You can check your graphics cards in the device manager from Windows (Commonly under Display Adaptors).

2. Your graphics card does not meet the minimum requirements, most likely because it does not support the Highdef XNA minimum settings.
SOLUTION: I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait. :( Just know that Bas is working on this issue full time. The ETA of fixing this, to play it safe, is 3 months. To why this issue occurs, and what we're doing on fixing this, please continue reading!

The issue occurs because of the XNA minimum requirement sets. XNA has 2 possible configurations: HighDef and Reach. XNA rates your graphics card depending on which minimum set is met. The problem here is that we have pretty big textures (hundreds of animal animations, with different zoom levels), which is supported by almost any graphics card, but is above the Reach minimum.
Therefor, XNA will say you NEED the HighDef minimum, which means directX 10. So if your computer is super fine, and could easily run Reus, but doesn't support directX 10, XNA says that your game cannot run Reus.This is particularly frustrating for both you and for us, because we aren't exclusively using any directX 10 features!

Since XNA is being discontinued, our only solution is to, well, remove the whole XNA thing from Reus. Since it's the very core foundation of the game, we need to rewrite a whole load of code, in particular the content pipeline, but we'll probably encounter other XNA problems on the way. Fixing this just takes time, and to play it safe we'll just say it will take about 3 months. Probably less, but we don't know what we can encounter.

The only luck in this is that breaking XNA is also a big part of porting it to Mac and Linux, so those two things go hand in hand.

Any patches that might arrive before this is fixed are made by me (designer), artists and manuel (gameplay programmer), and are not at the cost of making this work as quickly as possible.

Hopefully this thread will increase your insight in the problem, and help relieve the frustration a little. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience!
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"Ohh, I'm gonna beat ya so hard, you'll have a twitch!"
Glad to finally have a unified response. 3 months is a while, but it's better than nothing.
Well at least EA didn't make this game, other wise the ETA would be a year.
Wellp. Time to go steal the family desktop.....
you guys are awesome. I am glad to know that you are on top of this and are willing to go thru all the work it will take to fix this, thank you guys.
This thread's up, and people keep posting to the other one. You'd think they'd pay attention to which threads are up top.
Thanks for the information. I guess I'll have to wait :/
Well, not that I can do anything but waiting.
I'll use that as a lesson to never again buy a small game without seeing the community feedback first.
As someone who owns an ATi X1900XT (quite a powerful card, but not DX10), thank you.
Any info on progress with this?
Hoderoos の投稿を引用:
Well, not that I can do anything but waiting.
I'll use that as a lesson to never again buy a small game without seeing the community feedback first.

Ugh, I really wish i would've read this thread before buying the game. Oh well, guess I'll have to wait like everyone else.
im getting the same issue discribed as: Error - Title of Error : Reus - No Suitable Graphics card found. Unable to create the graphics device.
It just does:tradingcard:n't seem to want to work!
AbbeyAdriaan  [開発者] 2013年7月15日 5時11分 
@Lexiichuu We thought exactly the same thing when the game was almost done:"Ugh, I really wish I would've known this before making the game." It's a major pain, and we're even considering spending resources on this to speed up the process. Sorry for this, folks :(
BenGG 2013年7月15日 12時35分 
now i has to wait for some time
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