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New guide - Need Tips
I've created a new guide for Reus: The Idiot's Guide to Reus. Overall, I think I've got the basics covered, but I need more gameplay tips to add to the hints and tips section. Can anyone suggest any tips for beginners to add to what's already there?

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fmoss3 Feb 8, 2014 @ 11:25am 
If you want to cancel a project, attacking it with a Muck Bomb (or Earthquake if you want to be more dramatic) is easier than waiting for the timer to run out, and way better than destroying the entire village. This way, you can often avoid damaging the village at all, actually.

Also, some pictures would be nice :reusrock:
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Jinjo Feb 8, 2014 @ 5:25pm 
It is a bit of a nitpick but in the section about aquatic life you didn't mention that fish also generate science.

If a village's greed becomes too out of control you can calm them down by destroying their armies and damaging their village with the muck bomb and earthquake. But be careful not to accidently destroy their village in the process.

Sometimes when villages construct great projects they require the destruction of a nearby rival village to be completed. An easy way to do this without risking an overflow of greed is to simple destroy the rival village yourself using the rock giant's earthquake.

Nomads require exactly 4 tiles of land to found a village. Therefore it is possible to have villages completely surronded by water or mountain allowing new and different projects to be constructed.

A great way to control greed and build awe in mountainous regions is to plant a garden of tea plants. They are transmuted from dragonfruit and require a greater leaf aspect. The more there are, the more awe they bring.

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