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3limin4t0r Jun 26, 2015 @ 11:51am
How do I contribute to
I use the wiki alot for this game, because I can't remember all combinations from the top of my head for resources in different bioms and their transmutions. I find some wiki pages lacking information and want to improve them, however I can't find the account creation for the Reus wiki.

For example: the Agate page[] does show transmutions, but not which aspect to use to upgrade the resource.

Does anyone know how to contribute to the Reus wiki?
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secret Jun 28, 2015 @ 2:03pm 
Hi. I use the pictures on the natural recources page. It has all the connections including the necassary aspects and mostly the yielding recources.
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3limin4t0r Jun 29, 2015 @ 3:37am 
ty for your anwser and for linking me the page, this is however still no awnser to my original question: How can I contribute to the wiki? Guess the wiki is dead, not suprising since you can't create an account and add or alter stuff. Think I just copy the whole thing to my pc and run it on a localhost webserver. At least I can make ajustments that way.

edit: A shame really, I'll ask on the Abbey Games Forum[]. I'll make another post if I hear anything from there.
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3limin4t0r Jun 29, 2015 @ 3:55am 
I found the following topic[] on the forum. Seems like you can only request an account on the forum.
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