Music Creator 6 Touch

Music Creator 6 Touch

Windows 7 or 8 ... huh?
So, I bought this without reading the system requirements. I know, rookie mistake, my bad. I'm not ranting about the devs not validating my distrust of new MS operating systems, win 8 has done a fine job of validating that on it's own. This is more of a question: Why does this software require Windows 7+. As audio software I didn't expect anything graphics intensive, and it shows that it works with all touch features disabled, so why exactly does it require windows 7+ ?
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We build Music Creator 6 Touch around newer technologies that Microsoft only supports on Windows 7 and 8. Honestly, we had to make the decision to either be stuck behind with older technologies or move forward with newer technologies, therefore the requirement.

There is a version of Music Creator know simply as "Music Creator 6" that does not use these technologies and will install on XP and Vista if you're interested. More info here:

Personally, I'd upgrade my OS versus rolling back to an old product, but that's just my two cents. I absolutely loved Windows 7 and am a huge fan of 8 myself.
Thank you for the reply. Thought you guys might just ignore this since it's mostly curiosity.

See, I found out about "Music Creator 6" after I'd already made the purchase. That was one of the reasons I made the thread. The naming format implies it's essentially the same software with added touch features. Being that "the touch features can be disabled" is one of the selling points on the product's page, it made me wonder why the software couldn't be installed to older versions of windows if those features were opted out of.

My problem with new microsoft OS started with Windows ME. It taught me not to early adopt an OS, and that for an OS early adoption can be anything up to a year and a half after release. XP took a while, but it came around and made itself useful, and then Vista was an abysmal failure that never redeemed itself. 7 is taking XP's route and 8 is taking Vista's route. (Win8 is a total no go for me and alot of people until they make the touch style tiles to where they can be permanently disabled. And I mean permanently, as in "I never saw them again until I reformatted and reinstalled".) So I guess maybe the next OS they release will be servicable.

Thanks again for answering, explanation isn't necessary, but it's much appreciated. And I was hoping for a bit more specificity in the reason. Is it the .net framework, DirectX, or something else?
GibsonPro-Audio  [developer] Jul 8, 2013 @ 8:00am 
I believe it's .Net.
Cueil Jul 12, 2013 @ 6:41pm 
then you're in luck... Win 8.1 allows you to boot into the desktop and a free 3rd party software will give you your old start menu (or a modified one... some even let you edit the start menue)
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