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Music Creator 6 Touch

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To our new friends on Steam!

We're incredibly excited about Music Creator 6 Touch on Steam as well as the helpful Q+A that has been going back and forth between new users and experienced recording veterans. We plan on remaining active with our Steam community, and hope to see others join us by asking questions, sharing tips, and hopefully showing off their music!

With that being said, we do want to take a moment to provide everyone with official contact information for when us Cakewalk folks are not available to answer questions on Steam.

All official contact information for Cakewalk can be found here:

More specifically, support (Customer Service, Technical Support) contact info can be found here:

Note: When prompted for a serial number, and you can't access it by going to Help > About, please put in 'MC6T - Steam'

Up to date business hours are always available on this page above, but for everyone's reference our Technical Support and Customer Service teams typically work between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time Mon-Fri. We provide free email support to all registered Music Creator 6 Touch customers, so there is no charge for asking questions.

NOTE:The only requirement Technical Support will typically ask for to provide free support is for your product Serial Number. This can be found in your copy of Music Creator 6 Touch by going to Help > About Music Creator

We also do have a pretty active community on the Cakewalk user forums as well with folks of all levels of experience. You can always visit at

Lastly, we always encourage folks to check our our Knowledge Base and Documentation. A few helpful links below:

Music Creator 6 Touch Documentation:

Support Resources:

If you run into any problems operating Music Creator 6 Touch and the community is not able to get it resolved, please feel free to send us an email with the contact information above. We'll create a case for you in our internal support system and get back to you as soon as normal business hours resume. Our support team is composed of musicians and technicians with tons of recording experience. We'll always do our best to get you up to speed if you run into any bumps along the way.

Thanks everyone!!

Best regards,

Ryan Munnis
Product Support Manager
Cakewalk, Inc.
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