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Peacespreader Dec 24, 2012 @ 3:57pm
RoA alwalys stopps working when I press on the attack button, trying to attack the third enemy. (SP)
Does anyone know what could be wrong?
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JaesonSw33t Dec 24, 2012 @ 7:07pm 
The game sucks, and was probably not intended for PC. Most likely first released as an iphone app. Before I buy any game, I always look at the companies rep, before making purchases. I've had this problem in the past, so now i'm a little more careful with my money, when it comes to deals. You can try contacting them, or try playing it in compatibiliy mode. Sometimes re-installing it, and changing the install path, also can correct and work around the UAC issues. (Win7 has a permissions issue on certain directories), This or you can take ownership of the folders. It is not recommended to give yourself full control to these. Once the game continues, remove the permissions, back to read and execute only. Other than that, enjoy your game, if it helps.
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Peacespreader Dec 25, 2012 @ 4:59am 
Thank you very much for your answer, but I dont think I'm going to start this game ever again. When I tried to start my PC this morning, the PC had to use the starting aid. I rebooted and got to the login screen. But guess what: The whole screen was warped. Later I found out that the PC didnt recognized my graphics card anymore. Instead, the device manager and AMD VISION Engine Control Center seemed to be connected to a "Standard VDA-graphics card" or something like that. The web said I must download new drivers for my graphics card. Afterwards, on the website of AMD I found out you have to know which graphics card you use or you cant find the right driver. And do you think "Standard VDA-graphics card" was an option? HELL NO! I opened my pc to take a look at the graphics card. Then the PC shut down, Idk why, and I restarted it. And then everything was fine again.
Sorry for my english, Im swiss.
[ACE] abordeu  [developer] Dec 26, 2012 @ 5:05am 
JaesonSw33t: Rock of Ages is an Unreal Engine 3 game. It was definitely planned for PC (not iOS). The problem you might be experiencing is a common issue with some cards having problems with PhysX.

Did you guys skip any of the installation steps on startup? Do you have ATI cards?

Try this:
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