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I've had my eye on this for a little while now. I haven't played Monkey Island or Maniac Mansion, but this game looks pretty cool regardless. While I'm sure they aren't the same kinds of game... this gives me a Little Big Planet vibe (sans the creation tools)... and that alone is enough to sell me.

How are you liking the game so far? I watched a review, it looks good. A little hesitant since I never pay full price for games anymore... even if it is only $15. I might make this the exception though.
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I really want to know how to move all 3 characters at once, seems a bit mad to have to travel the same distance 3 times in a row
I have been having problems with lag/fps personally, even though I have around 4x the recommended settings it still doesen't run well for me. I know it's not a problem with my computer because I can run Borderlands 2 on max settings with no problem. Also, I feel like the game is more oriented for multiplayer than singleplayer as you a forced to control three charachters individually. I'm guessing I would be having a much better time with it if I had friends to play with, but I have to say I do regret buying the game.
The inspiration for the game - Maniac Mansion, was single-player with 7 characters - it's part of the puzzles. Change your resolution setting to 60hz to fix smoothness issues.
A 30fps framerate cap can make a game feel sluggish (see: LA Noire), but knowing that going in and knowing it's an issue being looked into in a future update... I'm not worried about it personally. Not even remotely close to a dealbreaker.

That being said, the tedium of moving three characters individually sounds a little... tedious. Thankfully it's pretty to look at, right? ;-]
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In Maniac Mansion you don't have to do the same way with all characters
guys am downloading the game now , so i wanna know is there a co op like u can invite friends and play together? anyone knows?
Local coop only
You can get all 3 to run at once, just run far enough ahead
Monkey Island was a great series. Lots of puzzles and "tongue and cheek" humor made it a series worth checking out...
Your other characters will also auto-catch up to you at checkpoitns throughout the game. Just use the characters you need to solve a puzzle and don't worry about micro-managing the rest. They'll catch up soon enough.
So, any actual impressions of the game? Worth it or not? I just recently got into the Monkey Island series, and seeing as this involves Ron Gilbert, I am fairly interested.
I did my first playthrough in about 3 hours. Working on an additional playthrough to see the other levels since there appears to be common levels plus 1 unique level per character. So you'll have to play 3 times total to see all the levels as far as I can tell. Some of the puzzles are definitely difficult. I'm stuck in the Adventurers puzzle right now but will sleep on it and do it tomorrow. I like trying to beat these games as fast as possible though since it's really hard to google answers at this point due to the newness of the game. There's been a few puzzles I've almost given up on but I made it through! So far with the knight, hillbilly, and twins. Working on the adventurer, scientist, and time traveller. I did miss one of the knights images so I'll be using him in my 3rd playthrough along with the monk. I'd estimate you can beat all the levels in about 8 hours (repeat levels on successive playthroughs are of course easier) unless you get really stuck somewhere. Getting all the achievements if that's your thing... that'll be more difficult of course. The "beat the game without dying" will likely be a chore due to accidental missteps.
Stopped playing as soon as I realized there's a frame cap. There's no reason for it on a pc nowadays, and it detracts from what looks like a beautiful game.

They should of fixed this before selling it to their pc fans. Hopefully they get on the ball quickly.
I'm three hours into the game and just dropped in to leave feedback in the gamehub for the many people nodoubt browsing this and contemplating a purchase..! IT'S AMAZING!
If you enjoy double-fine / monkey island series of games for their humour, you'll really dig this game, it's got a lot of puzzles in it from the get-go, and has a really nice style of presentation - you're probably going to play the game and think ... FPS CAP!? but after an hour or so, you will care so very little about that. and the dev's have promised to fix it anyway. Buy Buy Buy Buy BUY!
Alright, so I'm mostly through my second playthrough and I'm under the impression that there's a lot more to this besides what I've seen. The first playthrough was paced rather well and I felt it was very fair, never being *too frustrating in any way. Reminded me quite a bit of the Lost Vikings actually.
One minor note of disappointment is that the few segments which appear in every playthrough (or at least I'm assuming so at this point) become a chore the second time around when there's little to no difference considering each character has a unique trait, making it feel a wee bit gimmicky at that point.
Regardless, the individual character "stages" have been incredibly enjoyable in the way only Doublefine can deliver and the dialogue, although it doesn't seem to vary the second time, is also well done.

Overall, I'm going to say it *feels* a bit short, but I'm saying this under the impression that I've missed something huge to this game, because I feel there are glaring alternate endings I haven't seen before, which to me equals replayability. We'll see as time goes by.

All in all, a great puzzler, had a lot of fun, will continue to do so in the future. The prospect of a secret ending has me really mystified!
I'm not going to tell you to rush and buy this, but it's definitely worth playing/putting on the to play list.
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