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Jhonis Nov 10, 2013 @ 8:13pm
Is this game better then Manic Mansion?
If not, then why is it worst?
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Crypt Warden Nov 10, 2013 @ 10:20pm 
what is Manic Mansion? never played it before
Leine Nov 11, 2013 @ 10:07pm 
You should give it a try ;)
Oldscool Point and Click from 1988, f2p available
Purple Tentacle Nov 28, 2013 @ 2:03am 
2 games of different genre's, not comparable
Jhonis Nov 28, 2013 @ 2:12am 
But made by the same person, with the same number of characters (if lacking in the makers strenght).
So yes, they are comparable unless they are not made by the same person.
If Manic Mansion isn't an Adventure game, then what is it?
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YankeeBravo Nov 28, 2013 @ 4:26am 
Originally posted by Jhonis:
If Manic Mansion isn't an Adventure game, then what is it?

It's actually Maniac Mansion, not Manic Mansion (and isn't "F2P" though there's a fan-made "remake" named Maniac Mansion Deluxe).

And I don't think he was saying Maniac Mansion wasn't an adventure game. Rather that "The Cave" isn't a graphic adventure as Maniac Mansion was. Instead, it's something different that carries plot, but you're not dealing with inventory puzzles, item collection and the traditional "what do I need to use to solve this puzzle" game play.

Jhonis Nov 28, 2013 @ 4:51am 
Originally posted by •••:
This is firstly a rope climbing simulator.
Now that is a good one!

Now, most developers normally go with what they are good at unless they want to try something new (which is what most people hope with this game).
And Ron Gillburg (if I spelled his name correctly) strengh seems to be dialoge which a lot of people liked, otherwise he probly would not of been able to make this game.
And the problem with that is that the playerable characters seem to be mute for some reason (I am assuming that their mouth isn't sitched shut or they have no mouth and therefor must screem).

Hum, A though accored to me that he may not of really made the game, but I really don't know, do I.
Jhonis Nov 28, 2013 @ 5:28am 
This gives me a terrable feeling that Double Fine's isn't what their logo make you think they are...
If that IS true, then it would be rather sad... the only thing that would make it sadder is that they where being controlled by EA...
Muri Dec 1, 2013 @ 1:47pm 
Absolutely is much better! Awesome game :D
Junipercat Feb 24, 2014 @ 3:25pm 
Maniac Mansion, the sequel Day of the Tentacle, and The Cave are all enjoyable but each have their own flavor. I will say The Cave was the easiest and shortest of them, in my humble opinion.
malcolmmackay224 Apr 9, 2014 @ 3:42pm 
Maniac Mansion was great for its day, although the dead ends you can encounter can make it frustrating. Day of the Tentacle was a classic which stands the test of time to this day.

The Cave makes me realize that Ron Gilbert joins Sid Meier as a game developer who is past his prime (or doesn't have the development budget to make great games). The Cave has none of the humour of Day of the Tentacle. It reminds me of Zak & Wiki on the video game consoles. Not a terrible game, but very average.
SonataFanatica Dec 26, 2014 @ 10:26pm 
@Jhonis: *than. And no.

But seriously... Maniac Mansion was absolutely revolutionary for its time. It was the first adventure game to incorporate a point & click interface rather than a text parser, as many adventure games had before.

Of course, if you look at it now, it seems a bit outdated - but that's just because it was the first of its kind, so there have been much better point & click adventures ever since. I mean... just think about all the fantastic LucasArts adventures that followed! That doesn't diminish Maniac Mansion's innovation though.

If you now compare The Cave to it, the question answers itself, really:
- First of all, The Cave belongs to a completely different genre, so you can't really compare the two in the first place.
- Second of all, The Cave does nothing new! Puzzle platformers like this, in which you can switch between several characters, all with their own unique abilities, has been done many times before - for example with The Lost Vikings.

The Lost Vikings may not have been as story-driven, but Braid was, for example. So this one's a bit of a mix of The Lost Vikings and Braid (without Braid's time manipulation, of course). Plus, some humour added. That's all.

Plus: there are annoying downsides to The Cave. From the tedious backtracking to the fact that there are SEVEN characters, not six, so you have to play the game a third time if you want to see all seven stories and really complete it. The problem is that the third time around you'll neccessarily do all the things you have done before - all just in order to see the last remaining character's story. Bad move, if you ask me.
terrox🐯 Feb 10, 2015 @ 4:54pm 
It is better thAn maniac mansion if you don't have time and interest in story, but pretty short before you get bored. Than = compared to, then = instead.
Kill Switch May 15, 2015 @ 2:34pm 
This has probably been the worst point and click adventure game I have played SINCE Maniac Mansion.
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