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Can't login with my Uplay account
So i just got the update. Rocksmith made changes to the game that you can now login ingame. I never had problems login until now. It asks for my mail and pw. I type them in and press connect. I get the notification: connecting to Ubisoft server, next notification: The information you submitted is not valid. Please try again. So i logged in on the Uplay launcher to make sure i had the right mail and pw and i could login just fine. I can play offline and it's giving me the notification Ubisoft servers are not availeble. Pls try again later.
Anyone else having the problem and/or if anyone has an solution for this ??

Help would be appreciated !!
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Funk 20. Dez. 2013 um 4:53 

I have had the exact same problem, my password was too long, above 8 characters I was not able to put the last ones as it automatically went to the submit button. So I had to change my password for a shorter one. Maybe try this yourself too ^^
i just found that there's an characters the : / ( slash ) that i can't fill in. I didn't noticed it earlier cuzz was having my eyes on the keyboard lol. I dunno about the password being to long. cuzz my pw is pretty long more than 8 characters and i was fine filling them all in accept for character / . I don't like it that i now have to make an weaker/different pw for being able to login into this game.
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Faqew 21. Dez. 2013 um 2:57 
Same issues here, but changing the password from Uplay's maximum length of 16 characters to only eight didn't help.
I can log in fine, but after logging in I get a message saying to enter my CD Key. It says "entering your CD Key will bind the game to my account permanently" which is fine, since it already is with my Steam Account...
There's a little video at the bottom that shows you where your CD Key can be found on Steam, so when I enter that CD Key by Copy and Paste it comes back with an error.
Error Processing the Key you entered. Please double check the key, then try again.
I copy and pasted this, so no idea how it could be "wrong"...
So without entering all this info and signing in, I can still play, but it says I cannot get exclusive online content...
Anyone else having this problem?
I've got the same problem as rainbowgoblin... i can login to my uplay account but when entering my CD key is gives the error...
Be careful I just changed my password and lost all my games on Uplay, subbmitted a ticket but now I am bummed out. :(
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Thats bad luck kobin666. Ubisoft must be having some kind of server issues I guess.
Urgash 21. Dez. 2013 um 11:08 
Well i had the same problem, usually steam launches uplay but not this time, so i guess i'll try tomorrow.
Thats the latest update Agrael. Steam no longer Launches Uplay, it should just launch the game directly. Then the game loads and asks you to "log into Uplay"
Meliora 21. Dez. 2013 um 12:34 
good evening everybody : )
i found out, that the login-ui doesn't recognize the capital letters in my password. it's so stupid but i had to hit the buttons two or three times until it was finally typed into the text-field and even copy-paste didn't help, because the length of the inserted text was every time far shorter than the string i actually copied - not sure which letters were left out, but that UI is terribly down the drain *sigh*
the best is probably to watch each asterisk appear when typing in a letter.
hope this can help some of you.

after all, i wish merry christmas in advance, relaxing holidays and a wonderful steam holiday-sale :D
--greetings ^^
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i get the same message but i can still play
Meliora 21. Dez. 2013 um 14:27 
yes, you can play offline, without being logged into your uplay-account, but online features are then no longer available (leaderboards, etc.)
they shud sort that ♥♥♥♥ out then. I. i can login to my uplay account but when entering my CD key is gives the error...
Hopefully someone from Steam or Ubisoft can comment on this post about the CD Key problem, because it seems a couple of people are having the same issue...
I haven't changed my pw yet, but now i'm hearing peeps that did change it and lost all their games. Man that sucks and i hope you will get them back. Now i know for sure i'm not gonna change my pw. I hope they can fix the problems with ingame login and with the cd keys. Till then i will play offline.
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