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Ph1b 9.12.2012 kello 16.44
TF2 Crashing on Catalyst

Im using Ubuntu 12.10 with fglrx installed.
Im using APU 10 5800K AMD.
When I start TF2, it crashes immediately and leaves me on the Steam page.

You have any idea how to fix that?
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I have an AMD/ATI FirePro M7820 Mobility on Ubuntu 12.10.

I've updated my (outdated) fglrx drivers to Catalyst 12.11 beta, and now TF2 works flawlessly.

- It wasn't easy, it wouldn't uninstall correctly
- The beta drivers permanently displays a "for testing use only" graphic on your desktop, but a bash script can rid you of that (I had to edit it though).
- Betas can be unstable
- Messing up the installation of your graphics display is the last thing you want to do
garhol 16.12.2012 kello 11.01 
Belgianguys' suggestion sorted the issue for me as well. (ATI Radeon 5450 on Ubuntu 12.10 64Bit.) Removed the old fglrx and installed the 12.11 beta driver. The game sometimes hangs and lags on occasion but it does load and run correctly. I've seen a few nasty glitches but a quick "sudo restart lightgdm" seems to sort it out.
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Näytetään 1-2 / 2 kommentista
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