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peMan 2012年11月18日上午10:41
Issue Report: [TF2] Special Char not shown on lang spanish
In TF2 with spanish language set, the character "Ó" is not shown in menus.

Screenshot 1[]
Screenshot 2[]
Screenshot 3[]
Screenshot 4[]

Also, in the in-game Steam overlay, I'm not able to type the letter Ñ or ñ, but I can see the same letter written by the player I'm talking with.

System info:
Información sobre el procesador: Fabricante: GenuineIntel Velocidad: 2801 Mhz Procesadores lógicos 8 Procesadores físicos 4 HyperThreading: Compatible FCMOV: Compatible SSE2: Compatible SSE3: Compatible SSSE3: Compatible SSE4a: No compatible SSE41: Compatible SSE42: Compatible Información sobre la red: Velocidad de la red: Versión de Windows: Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS (64 bits) Nombre de kernel: Linux Versión de kernel: 3.2.0-32-generic Editor de X Server: The X.Org Foundation Versión de X Server: 11203000 Tarjeta de vídeo: Controlador: NVIDIA Corporation GeForce GTX 460/PCIe/SSE2 Versión de controlador: 4.3.0 NVIDIA 310.19 Densidad de color del escritorio: 24 bits por píxel Frecuencia de actualización del monitor: 60 Hz Identificador del fabricante: 0x10de Identificador del dispositivo: 0xe22 Número de monitores: 1 Número de tarjetas de vídeo lógicas: 1 Resolución de pantalla principal: 1920 x 1080 Resolución de escritorio: 1920 x 1080 Tamaño de pantalla principal: 20.91" x 11.73" (23.94" diag) 53.1cm x 29.8cm (60.8cm diag) Bus principal: PCI Express 16x Memoria VRAM principal: 1023 MB Modos MSAA compatibles: 2x 4x 8x 16x Tarjeta de sonido: Dispositivo de sonido: Realtek ALC892 Memoria: RAM: 3945 Mb Varios: Idioma de la IU: Español LANG: es_ES.UTF-8 Micrófono: Not set Espacio total en disco disponible: 29706 MB Bloque libre más grande en el disco: 1212 MB
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peMan 2012年11月21日上午12:38 
The "Ñ" key issue in the overlay got fixed in the latest Steam release.
Now I can talk to my friends without looking foolish :)
Good job.

The "Ó" issue is still there, but I think it's TF2 related.
mikesart 2012年11月27日下午5:10 
I believe the missing characters is the same bug as this one:
mikesart 2012年11月29日下午9:57 
It wasn't the same bug. But it's fixed now and should go out whenever TF2 gets updated (next week hopefully). Thanks for reporting this.
mikesart, are these screenshots related to this bug? See the Û in the player name KURLA, it goes from invisible, to visible, wrong font, right font.
mikesart 2012年11月30日下午10:59 
The Û not showing up is probably the same as the Ó. Anything with an ascent too high would do some incorrect unsigned math and get skipped. Randomly missing characters or flashing characters are the different bug I'm trying to track down right now. We are uploading subrects of textures for the fonts, and we believe that is failing. I'm getting some tools in to help there...
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