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i have a request valve.
Valve, i have a Desktop that i call the "Dualatin". the specs are

x2 Pentium 3 1.40ghz processors
Super Micro P3TDDE
2gb of PC133
x2 120gb HDD in raid 0
Geforce 7800
ESS 1938 sound card.

that desktop took me a while to build. right now its running windows xp but i would love to replace it with ubuntu linux.

right now, i have the Tualagame desktop (P3 1.40ghz, 512mb, xubuntu 12.04, 40gb HDD, and Geforce 5500) in the garage. i have been trying to get it to run steam beta for linux but i keep seeing the error "illegal instruction" every time i run it from teh console. dosent even open.

i looked at the system requirements for steam beta for linux and found that you listed a Pentium 4 processor and an AMD Athlon XP for the processor. i feel sure it can run on the Pentium 3...i just want to be able to run the gldsrc engine using steam beta for linux on the dualatin setup i have in my room instead of using wine to run them.

so will you be able to get steam for beta working on the pentium 3? if not then i understand.
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just to let you all know, i have core i5 build that runs both windows and linux.

i was planning to use the desktop in my room to run linux distros but my cd burner sucks. after hearing about steam being ported to linux....i think ill buy a new burner if i am able to get it working on my other pentium 3 desktop i have in the garage thats running Xubuntu.
James 13/dez/2012 às 0:54 
You're using 10 year old processors, so getting thins to work on your system probably isn't a high priority.

My first thought was that it might have been SSE2 support, since that was introduced with the P4, but that seems unlikely given that they list support for Athlon XPs.
Fabian² 13/dez/2012 às 1:23 
I doubt goldsrc will be ported to linux. I would be more than thankful though. I own all valve goldsrc games and would love to play them again
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Steam for Linux > Limited Beta > Detalhes do tópico
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