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Issue Report: xubuntu 64bit post install launch fails on segfault
I think I'm getting steam installed correctly but trying to run it for the first time fails.

I've ran sudo gdebi steam and I've got a Steam icon on my desktop. The installation asks me to "Start Steam to complete installation of the Steam Beta for the current user." However "Start Steam beta" button does nothing.

If I try to run steam from command line I get the following output:
hannu@wormouth:~$ steam
/home/hannu/.local/share/Steam/ line 325: 2544 Segmentation fault (core dumped) $DEBUGGER "$STEAMROOT/$PLATFORM/$STEAMEXE" "$@"
/home/hannu/.local/share/Steam/ line 325: 2591 Segmentation fault (core dumped) $DEBUGGER "$STEAMROOT/$PLATFORM/$STEAMEXE" "$@"

dmesg is following:
[ 305.362862] steam[1994]: segfault at 1a7d2117 ip 00000000f76efdd9 sp 00000000ffe96890 error 4 in[f76e6000+20000]
[ 306.030384] steam[2041]: segfault at 1a89a117 ip 00000000f77b7dd9 sp 00000000ffecb850 error 4 in[f77ae000+20000]
[ 307.356656] steam[2086]: segfault at 1a80a117 ip 00000000f7727dd9 sp 00000000ff9c17b0 error 4 in[f771e000+20000]
[ 308.259115] steam[2249]: segfault at 1a8ae117 ip 00000000f77cbdd9 sp 00000000ffd67540 error 4 in[f77c2000+20000]
[ 326.758622] steam[2303]: segfault at 1a831117 ip 00000000f774edd9 sp 00000000ff984000 error 4 in[f7745000+20000]
[ 327.457272] steam[2350]: segfault at 1a8b5117 ip 00000000f77d2dd9 sp 00000000ffa5dc70 error 4 in[f77c9000+20000]
[ 502.858983] steam[2404]: segfault at 1a858117 ip 00000000f7775dd9 sp 00000000ff817ea0 error 4 in[f776c000+20000]
[ 503.557079] steam[2451]: segfault at 1a84a117 ip 00000000f7767dd9 sp 00000000ffcf2590 error 4 in[f775e000+20000]
[ 592.406332] steam[2544]: segfault at 1a7dc117 ip 00000000f76f9dd9 sp 00000000ffe442e0 error 4 in[f76f0000+20000]
[ 593.094580] steam[2591]: segfault at 1a8ba117 ip 00000000f77d7dd9 sp 00000000ffd0dbc0 error 4 in[f77ce000+20000]

I'm running 64-bit xubuntu 12.04 with latest updates. I'm using propietary AMD drivers.
Catalyst control center information:

EDIT: I think my video drivers are really old. I need to check them out.

EDIT: Got the latest ones from Makes no difference.
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