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Issue Report: Steam Client Bugs on Ubuntu 12.10 amd64
I hope Valve reads this. First of all, allow me to say thank you to Valve for bringing the world's largest gaming platform to Linux. There is indeed much work to be done for the programmers and beta testers alike, but if we keep at it, we should both end up winning this battle.

Current issues with the steam client:
-ugly looking update dialogue that does not use smoothed fonts such as in Windows
-Flash player does not appear to work in the client
-currently, when enrolled in the Steam beta for Linux, despite this fact, under beta enrolment in the settings menu, beta enrolment is reported as none despite there being no steam stable for Linux yet
-directwrite appears as an option under the settings menu, and directwrite is Windows only. I believe pango is used to smooth fonts on Linux. Either you guys could remove the option and just use system default font smoothing by default, utilize OpenGL, or have an option to enable/disable Pango and/or OpenGL font smoothing. I am not 100% sure if OpenGL can be used for font smoothing, but it's worth a look
-internet connection under Downloads+voice thinks I am using a 56k modem! That one was a bit funny! I am using a Cable Modem with top speeds up to 2MB per second (at peak) over a wireless connection
-text near the steam cloud options is crunched together and spaced incorrectly and not properly aligned with the check boxes to their left
-when the Steam window is resized, window controls do not appear

Game specific issues:
-have not tested games yet

Ubuntu-specific issues:
-global menu support
-remove window controls from steam and put them into the

Issues associated with the Linux platform:
-with regards to the Flash issue, perhaps videos could be served up in HTML5 or Steam should allow older versions of Flash player (we will only get up to 11.2, Adobe has stopped supporting Flash on Linux except for security updates for the next five years)

More will come in the future. I will keep adding details to these client bugs that I have found. I wish I could find some terminal output for each of these, but most are minor issues and can just be seen from withing the settings window. If need be, I will add more system details, screenshots, remove duplicate bugs, and add some log files. So basically I will make this my own bug report thread with all the unreported issues I have found in detail as time goes on, if that's OK. I'm new to the forums, but have been using Steam for about 10 years or so, and Linux (Ubuntu specifically) for 3-4 years.
Τελευταία επεξεργασία από Mike; 1 Δεκ 2012 στις 10:15
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I can add, that update dialogue does not supports unicode. Better to show English text than knocked down encoding.
The fix for getting flash to work is to place a 32 bit version of the flash plugin into the following directory:


The reason that this problem exists, I believe, is that steam is at the moment a 32-bit-only application, and your system probably has a 64-bit version of flash in /usr/lib64/browser-plugins, which steam does not look for. If you can't be ♥♥♥♥♥ to go look for/install 32-bit flash, here's the file for you to put in that directory: {Ο ΣΥΝΔΕΣΜΟΣ ΑΦΑΙΡΕΘΗΚΕ} (this fix was taken from another thread on this forum)

I do hope they switch out the flash player for an HTML5 player soon, as they could do this very easily as all their videos are in .webm format already.
Τελευταία επεξεργασία από Barbarian; 2 Δεκ 2012 στις 6:31
Nice reports. Screenshots would be nice.
I hope Valve fixes those bugs :-)
Mike, thanks for the informative post. We'll add this info to the bug database.

Re reading every post - although we are a small team (11+ people) we are committed to reading every post in the Limited Beta forum. So far, we've been able to do that and will continue to do so until the client ships because your post (and all the others) are important and our best source of information about performance and stability in the real world.
Well, awesome! This will be fixed down the road, I guess. Anyhow, I will start adding details once I have some time. Give me a month to elaborate on them, since I am now busy with exams in college. These finals will end soon, and then I'll have some time.
Thank you for posting this, I just got in and had the same issue. I certainly do hope this is fixed, I'll just have to use the web browser to preview the games I can buy for Linux.
Yes switching out Flash to HTML would be extremely useful.

Mostly because Flash in general is awful, but more specifically 64bit Flash in Linux is awful on a whole other level.
Τελευταία επεξεργασία από finakechi; 6 Δεκ 2012 στις 23:35
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