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JnvSor 20. Nov. 2012 um 5:07 Uhr
Multiple button mice
Right now TF2 (And I presume other source games) recognize all my mouses button presses. That's great.

Except it recognizes 3 at a time as mouse4 and 2 as mouse5. I used evrouter to hook the 3 extra buttons up to keypresses but TF2 still ignores the keypresses and reads them as mouse button presses.

Basically, my fancy G500 is useless because TF2 is a bit too zealous when it comes to mouse buttons. Can I disable this behavior? Is this a bug to be reported?
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NTolerance 23. Nov. 2012 um 14:55 Uhr 
Looks like the source engine only supports MOUSE1-MOUSE5. Even in Windows it's a requirement to bind keyboard presses to MOUSE6+.

I wonder if there's an alternative to evrouter which will fool TF2 into seeing the fake keyboard presses. Does anyone know what library TF2 uses for input?
JnvSor 24. Nov. 2012 um 6:20 Uhr 
That's not the problem, I totally anticipated that, that's why I mapped the 3 other buttons to keys. The problem is that the source engine is picking up the buttonpresses and incorrectly assuming they are mouse4 and mouse5 and ignoring the keypresses.
NTolerance 28. Nov. 2012 um 18:23 Uhr 
Fixed it! The solution is to use xvkbd and xbindkeys to bind your mouse buttons to keyboard keys. Give this a try:

JnvSor 29. Nov. 2012 um 10:58 Uhr 
Nope. Using that makes those buttons do nothing in wine games (And no offense to valve but the vast majority of A3 linux games are through wine so I'm not going to blow that just for them)
NTolerance 29. Nov. 2012 um 11:14 Uhr 
I thought this thread was about TF2. What I posted is tested and working in Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit. Also, you can always stop the xbindkeys application before playing something other than TF2.

Did you test this with TF2?
JnvSor 29. Nov. 2012 um 13:18 Uhr 
Yes. It works with TF2. But it breaks so many other games it's still a bug.

And switching between the two is hardly an option when it requires sudo kill invocations.

I'll be testing serious sam to see which input method works with it (But if prior experience has anything to say it will prefer evrouter)
JnvSor 30. Nov. 2012 um 14:44 Uhr 
As predicted serious sam catches evrouter, but not xbindkeys. TF2 is the exception - all other games I've tried (And wine games) dislike xbindkeys. 'Tis a bug.
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