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TF2 Performance
I have problems with TF2 performance. I have slow computer but on Windows TF2 works fine on medium details. It can be problem with optimalization, although CSS run fast on medium details.

In game FPS:
TF2 - 35 FPS, 10 FPS in action
CSS - fluctuate around 25 - 50 FPS

My computer:
Intel Atom D525 1.8Ghz
Nvidia ION GT218
OS Fedora 18 64bit

VALVE still working on it? Or is there something like TF2 HIGH FPS CONFIG for Windows?
Sorry for my bad English.
Naposledy upravil Zbeny; 15. úno. 2013 v 8.23
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Have you installed the proprietary Nvidia drivers for your graphics card?, if you are using Fedora out of the box it will come with the open source drivers installed which are no good for gaming performance
Install the recommended proprietary drivers through the ubuntu interface.
Install "lxde" (its an interface thats different/lighter), log out, when login in choose lxde(click on the ubuntu logo by your name, and click lxde), it should give you something around the max fps you're gonna get.
Of course, I have the proprietary driver. Version 304.64 it should be up to date
Naposledy upravil Zbeny; 15. úno. 2013 v 8.43
You could also try with the Nvidia beta drivers (not sure how to set up the repositories in Ubuntu to find them, I use Fedora). I think that's version 310.
I use Fedora, its written upper. But I thing that will not help. It's old and low-end card
The 310 drivers actually did quite a bit for my performance, it might actually help.
Oh right, missed that part, anyway I can't do much as I also use AMD :P. But these drivers are not in Fedora's repositories so if they are compatible with your card you'll have to download them from Nvidia and install them manually (you'll need kernel-headers and other dependencies to do it).
Can someone help me, how to install beta drivers, i have bad experience with installing drivers manualy
Check as it says the latest stable driver is 310.32 while you have 304.64. Install kernel-devel, kernel-headers and gcc and it should be good to go after uninstalling the previous driver (if you installed it using the repo you can uninstall it there).

Then change permissions on the downloaded file (.run) to execute it (like chmod +x and run:

sudo sh

Hope this helps.
Intel Atom D525 1.8Ghz = Balls get a REAL Computer your atom client is enugh for a htpc but not a gaming pc
Not using the package manager for driver installs is a bad idea, since system files are not registered anywhere. Can lead to nasty file conflicts later when updating with the package manager.

You should check if with the 310 driver you card is still supported or is considered legacy.
If it's not supported you won't have any luck installing it one way or the other.
Naposledy upravil blackout24; 15. úno. 2013 v 9.37
I agree, but weare talking about Fedora here, the RPM fusion drivers (in my case for AMD) are still the 12.10 which have really poor performance for TF2 and most of the games in Steam while the new ones are already 13.2 (beta).
If you really want to use it for gaming you are left with no other option.
Zbeny 15. úno. 2013 v 10.12 
Ok, driver seems installed properly
Naposledy upravil Zbeny; 15. úno. 2013 v 10.34
Zbeny 15. úno. 2013 v 10.25 
Performance is same, may be little worse
Zbeny 15. úno. 2013 v 12.30 
I created this high fps config and now most of the time I get above 20 FPS, so it's playable for me.
But it could be better.
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