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Mods are an important aspect of Valve's game lineup. Their nature makes it possible for a game to be developed that would not otherwise be created by a big -- or even a small -- studio.

That is why it's important to see Source SDK (namely Base 2006 and 2007) be ported to Linux. There are many good reasons why.

Game mods are fun to work at; and happen to suit Linux users very well. They can provide a positive, inclusive development community for any who are interested in participating. It is here that they can further garner a closeness between player and developer; something already found in the Linux community.

* And of course, it is well known that Linux is full of individuals who like to code, tinker and program, with many artistic types as well.

Additionally, mods can (and have) provide(d) prototypes for new, independent creations. Their turf are valuable testing grounds, instrumental for growing and gauging their popularity.

Look at the games that have gone from being Source mods to successful standalone titles: the Counter-Strike, Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress series. Then look at some of the beautiful independent creations, such as Garry's Mod and Dear Esther. Consider some of the other groundswell successes too, like Black Mesa. And of course, there are the varied communities enjoying other Source mods all around the internet. (for example, one of my favorites is GoldenEye: Source)

The Source mod is an important part of what Valve has to offer compared to other video game companies. Some players even play these pretty much exclusively, passing on Steam's catalogue of AAA titles.

In addition to the wonderful ports to Linux such as Half-Life and Counter-Strike, Source SDK should be taken just as seriously as the AAA title for its many valuable aspects.
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Just be patient. They know it and they will do it.
PUN 4.2.2013 kello 15.48 
They have a small team of Linux developers. They will get to Source Linux soon. One at a time. They are trying to port they're most played games (TF2 and CS)

By the launch of Steam Box, all Valve games will run on Linux.
Here's hoping you're right!
SUSEd 7.2.2013 kello 23.23 
They added something like that in latest update. Check changelog.
Pocket 9.2.2013 kello 12.06 
Are we talking about the ability to convert mods to work in Linux? Or actually porting the entire SDK including Hammer? Because I don't see that second one happening.
Nicholas 10.2.2013 kello 22.16 
Ideally, both.
Though I understand work is underway on the next Source engine. I assume most prospective Source mods at this point would wait for its release.
I really hope they port the Source SDKs to Linux very soon!
I did succeed in running Source SDK 2006 with the NeoTokyo Source mod through Wine, but it was not very stable as you can imagine...

I thought the sdk would be available as CS:Source was released to Linux recently... Gotta be patient I guess.
Still it would be nice to know whether or not they are working on releasing it. :/
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phish 13.2.2013 kello 1.58 
I emailed the valve linux team the other week and they replied to me with

"... our current focus is on porting the various Source games to Linux for release in the upcoming weeks. Source SDK is on our list of future work items and we’ll announce any limited/open beta plans for the Source SDK when we know more."
Thanks a lot for the heads up 鱼 ! :)
Nicholas 13.2.2013 kello 19.41 
Wow, thanks 鱼! Definitely a hopeful heads up to penetrate the lingering ambivalence thus far. Grateful for your post, glub!
More exciting news worth waiting for from team Valve Linux.
Pocket 13.2.2013 kello 20.05 
I'd definitely love to see an all-new Hammer built in Qt. Several months ago, some images were found in Source Filmmaker that were clearly Hammer icons redesigned in the SFM style. At the time I assumed they were part of the level editor for their upcoming engine, but maybe a new Hammer for Source is really happening. Exciting thought!
I sincerely hope that Valve decides to proceed with a Linux port of the Source SDK. Although there was big talk a while back about the Source SDK being ported to OS X, and yet here we are with nothing there.

Valve, I BEG YOU, PLEASE bring the Source SDK to Linux!!!! You'd also be rivaling your competition which is UDK which has native no Linux support. Even if it were just Ubuntu to start with like you did with Steam and some Source based games it would be GREATLY appreciated.
I think SteamPipe is another piece of the puzzle shifting into place, that will help Source mods function across all platforms including Linux.
Aoi Blue 12.3.2013 kello 16.13 
You shouldn't have to run the SDK in Wine, we really need it native under Linux.
Bucky 26.4.2013 kello 8.57 
You do realize that any mod that has it's own client and server (basically almost any mod that has it's own bin folder) would need to be recompiled under Linux by the author, given that the source code isn't publicly available. It's not going to just take Valve's efforts to do this, it's going to take a lot of effort from the mod community itself.
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