Steam for Linux

Steam for Linux

Whisperity 13. jan., 2013 @ 1:37
libc6-bin:i386 dependency particularly destroys the system
I have been trying to install Steam after booting a Live CD (I was doing heavy maintenance on a few systems), but the live CD is a 12.04 amd64 one.

After I downloaded the deb and ran the usual runs, I have found that there are dependency errors with libc6, an essential system library. Steam wanted to install the 32-bit version, whereas the whole system depended on the 64-bit one.

Just becuase I was before the maintenance and was having the curiosity, I told apt-get install -f steam to "Yes, do as I say! (really... it wanted me to type in this whole phrase to start installing...)

And then it became a hellride. One package uninstall, but the other did not have the ability to start installing (ldconfig is not in your PATH, or something like this was the error), so I ended up with a bricked system in terms of package dependencies. (And truth to be told, that executable really wasn't in my path, as it was an executable from the package in question.)

Luckily I only needed to reboot. I know Windows has WOW64 and it's relatively easy to meddle between architectures, but... I fear this dependency will only be a bigger pain in the future.

Truly I will look into this thingy later on: let's meddle with the .deb. :) But... I was really relieved when I realized it is a live system... Uh.
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The fact you were running on a live system was the problem, if you had Ubuntu fully installed and updated, the installed Steam you would not hav ethis issue. I have installed Steam on a few 64bit Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 12.10 systems and never had these problems. The live version of Ubuntu has dependency pronlems with a few applications, there is only a 32bit version of Steam and that is what i have running on 64bit systems. simply put if you install Ubuntu fully update it and then install Steam wihile having a connection to the internet you wont have these problems, please try that before thinking it is a problem with Steam, it runs great on 64bit Ubuntu systems and you would be missing out if you dont give it a proper go.
Letalis Sonus 13. jan., 2013 @ 5:35 
32bit and 64bit libraries are completely separated.
Actually, the current approach even provides the possibility to have stuff from as many different architectures on your machine as you want, using architecture-specific paths instead of the old lib/lib32/lib64 approach.

Live systems are a bad idea to try things when you need to mess with the package management, the possibility to modify things is very limited due to running off an image that is absolutely read-only, aufs can't catch everything you're doing.
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