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bjn 13.12.2012 kello 7.10
Issue report: extra windows which don't draw themselves, tiling window manager
I'm using a tiling window manager, this one in particular:

Screenshot of steam running on my system here:

What you see there is Steam's main window obviously in the primary pane -- the bulk of the screenshot. At the top is my task bar which shows the titles of the open windows currently shown: Steam, an installer (whose window is in the top right, spilling over its allowed bounds since I'm forcing its size to something smaller than it wants to be), urxvt (whose window is just below the installer -- Steam was started from that terminal), and then "Steam Login" and another "Steam". These "windows" are being managed by my window manager and space is reserved for them below the console window. But what we see there is hyperjunk left from when I resized the primary pane to be bigger and smaller -- we see the rightmost chunk of Steam's main window copied a few times because nothing has drawn over the space since.

What are these two extra windows, why does my window manager think they still exist and are worthy of entries in my task bar? They're making a mess of my desktop.

It'd also be nice if Steam's windows were a bit more tolerant of being forced to smaller sizes, but I've learnt to deal with that over the years of using this tiling window manager.
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bjn 13.12.2012 kello 7.46 
New screenshot:
No "log in" window this time, but I have one for the friends list I closed. So it seems something about Steam windows is not destroyed or unregistered or something properly -- my window manager thinks they're still there even though Steam has stopped dealing with them.
bjn 13.12.2012 kello 10.08 
Okay, good, thanks.
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