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NVIDIA Optimus Support
Hi, right now the support of optimus based grafic cards by NVIDIA is not given, there are some workarounds like Bumblebee or Primus, but they tend to be quite buggy/less performant. Have you had any contact with NVIDIA regarding this issue? Most certainly it will cause a lot of problems for all those who use Linux on a laptop.
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You gotta Optirun the whole Steam client if wanting to play such games..
The Bumblebee Project did a neat job in offering Nvidia Optimus Support to the mainstream on Linux. Its Not as Perfect on windows since every programm that needs to be run on the Nvidia GFX needs an command like "optirun steam" But its dam near like it.
And i found no issues using Bumblebee on my Laptop.
Besides Nvidia is working on this Optimus Problem but when there will be a driver/software kit is unknown.
You gotta Optirun the whole Steam client if wanting to play such games..
Primus performs (much) better than Optirun. But I do agree that you should somehow be able to do optirun/primusrun with Steam games easily.
Thanks for the Primus tip!
But i have to agree, Steam should have either an detection if such software is installed or just some Iconbox that enables it globally from the Steam Settings.
Which might be more effective than Window's things since it requires there to add for NVIDIA unknown programms to the nvidia control panel's 3D settings stuff.
I'd rather not have detection; there are some games that simply do not want to work properly on bumblebee (like Cave Story+). If it's detected, I'd like it to detect the best option for every game, and the option to change it yourself (or something like a "launch with video card" submenu). But with that, I feel like we may be asking for too much. :)
If bumblebee binary's present > add to each Game's Properties an Checkbox for bumblebee run.
But this might have to be constantly updated since now theres Primusrun and Optiun, hell knows what someone calls that in few months.
Maybe set launch options similar option for Preload stuff. Everybody is happy.
Things will probably stick to primusrun - optirun was around for ages but there was a reason it was slower and less reliable, hence something had to be done about it. Result is primusrun, and I don't think that will change any time soon.

The system could just detect whether either is available and go for primusrun first.

But setting launch options could be optimal. Like a "command to run the game with:" type thing. Would also allow you to inject debuggers, or whatever.
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primusrun won't work for me, at least with the Steam client - it fails with a "Failed to load"...

So it's optirun or Sandy Bridge Lameloid graphics for me :(

UPDATE: Disregard that - I was missing the 32-bit Primus build. Rebuilt it (requires a symlink in /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu). Now Steam runs nicely :)
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