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TF2 Black screen at startup still not fixed...
So TF2 doesn't work on my laptop running Ubuntu 12.10. Before today I could start TF2, there would be a long "Loading Team Fortress 2" wait, and then the screen would go black, the little tune that plays during the valve logo would play, but i would have no video, then it would crash.

TODAY: I got a whole slew Ububtu system updates as well as a few program updates. Some of the updates mentioned OpenGL so I thought I'd give TF2 another try. Now when I start it it basically does the same thing, but I now see the valve and source logo videos play... upside-down and backwards, shrunk to about 1/5th my screen size, located in the upper right of the screen. There is agreen bar alone the top 1/6th or so of the screen, and little white artifacts all over the remaining black space. After the logos the screen goes blank, and ~45 seconds later it quits itself with no error message or anything. The following pastebin link has the terminal readout for the duration of this process. Not really sure what any of that means...

I have Ubuntu 12.10 (32 bit) running on a 5 year old macbook with a 2.4GHz intel core 2 duo cpu, 4GB of ram, and built in Intel 965GM graphics.

Any Ideas???

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I'm not familiar with Macs at all, but from my experience trying to game on an integrated Intel card usually doesn't end well. If the above mentioned games work well on your platform but in a different OS I stand corrected. But I have found that Intel cards just don't pack enough punch. I would research the specs on your video card and compare them to what is needed for these games and see what you find.
upside down and backwards eh.
looks like driver problem
remember that even your integrated intel graphics NEED drivers
also, you may want to research whether the drivers you have are the correct drivers, sometimes there are some which only work with a certain series.
when downloading drivers, try ubuntu repo's, its complicated to try and get drivers anywhere else, even from intel themselves
965 intel card supports only OpenGL 1.5
TF2 needs an OpenGL 2.0 card, so it will never run on your laptop on linux
Thanks for the help. I think this laptop is a goner... Looks like it is time to nut up and build a steambox!
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