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MS Ryz0n Jul 26, 2013 @ 1:11pm
Patch 2.6
In a surprise announcement during our livestream today, patch 2.6 is LIVE!

As always - if you have any issues please first try from the main menu options screen, delete your player profile and create it again.
Discuss the patch / livestream Here
Watch the livestream VOD Here[]
Curious about patch 2.5 changes? We've got that covered too

2.6 Patch notes from SkyBox Labs

  • Mayans have their eagle warrior back (instead of a scout cavalry).
  • Detailed ELO information can be displayed in the main menu while in the multiplayer section. You can mouse over it for even more detailed information.
  • ELO rankings now show up in the lobbies, and update appropriately depending on mode.
  • Whenever you complete a match, you will get details about how your ELO rankings were effected. It will also detail reasons why ELO rankings wouldn't have changed too, such as playing a game containing AIs, or aborting a match before the time limit elapsed.
  • The Steam Overlay should no longer interfere with frame rate issues.
  • Games will not effect ELO until the game has been played for 90 seconds. This has been reduced from 5 minutes in RM and 2 minutes in DM. Both modes are now 90 seconds based on game speed (i.e. 'fast' is 2.0 speed, so actual time is 45 seconds)
  • History screen now plays correct sounds for each of the civs.
  • In game event notifications for finding sheep, completing research, etc., are showing up again.

Known Issues
  • The main menu ELO stats only calculate when you enter the multiplayer screen. If the stats appear incorrect, leave the menu and re-enter the menu and they should update. It can take a few seconds to retrieve them from Steam after starting a game or updating scores at the end of a match.
  • There could be some overlap issues in the lobby screen to make room for the ELO, especially in some of the foreign languages.
  • If you quit a game (vs resigning), you will not receive the popup message detailing any ELO changes.

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