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MS Ryz0n Dec 5, 2013 @ 10:37am
Patch 3.1
The following are patchnotes for version 3.1. Discussions regarding Patch 3.1 can be found here:

After everyone is updated to 3.1 we’re going to be putting up a thread in the steam forums to try to get some additional information from users getting frequent sync issues. *edit* Sync Discussion Here

General Gameplay – Applies to Base + Expansion (unless otherwise noted)
General Gameplay

  • Pathing has been revisited to alleviate the issues introduced in patch 3.0. We have several changes we are finalizing and testing, however will initially be moving back to 2.8 pathing until those are finalized (coming in 3.2).
  • AI opponents will now properly build trebuchets. Really.
  • 2.8 save game files now load properly.
  • Fixed lag issues caused by AI villagers getting stuck creating buildings.
  • Added more sprite optimizations to the base game (this will also fix the scout and paladin animation bugs).
  • Fixed a game crash that occurred when more than 50 civilians are defending against a unit. Stop sacrificing your poor villagers!
  • Increased max scroll speed by 50% (eventually we’ll find a sweet spot people are content with)
  • The gates that are built with the "palisade wall" command are now palisade gates (this affects the new map Hideout).
  • Fixed multiple issues when the game ends while in various menus.
  • Campaign victories now generate correct stats and achievements
  • Monasteries will no longer sometimes spawn in water during CTR (capture the relic) games on Nomad
  • Eagle scouts and Eagle warriors now show up correctly in combat units list
  • Active fishing boats now show up in economic statistics
  • (Elite) Huskarls built in the barracks and (Elite) Tarkans built from the stable appear in the military units list.


  • Before a multiplayer game start, a checksum of your game data file will be compared with others in your lobby. If you have a different data file as the host (because you or the host has a workshop mod for example), the game will not start. This should prevent some of the OOS issues people are having.
  • Fixed some issues that would occur when inviting someone to a lobby that was in a different mode (HD or Forgotten).
  • AOF - Fixed crash that would occur when you desynced in multi-player while in treaty mode.
  • AOF - Treaty mode will now properly end when loading a saved multiplayer game.


  • The "Achievement will not progress because you used a cheat code" message will only appear if you used a cheat code in the present game. Previously, the message would re-appear in every subsequent game after you used cheat codes for the first time.

UI Fixes

  • The "HD Version" tech tree now displays the correct descriptions for the civs (was displaying descriptions from "The Forgotten")
  • Master volume and Music volume sliders now work correctly in the in-game options menu.
  • The "star" in the achievements screen for advancing to the imperial age the fastest has been fixed.
  • The "Player colors" command now properly updates when you use the options menu or the hotkey.
  • Players are now assigned to the correct civs in the MP restore screen.
  • Expanded the rank text area on the main screen so the text can no longer go out of bounds (had problems with some languages).
  • "ai\RandomGame.per2" no longer (occasionally) shows up as the scenario name in the lobby browser
  • The correct rollover text will now appear when selecting a map type.
  • Corrected description for "Blind Random" map location.
  • Expansion maps no longer show up in HD-mode scenario editor
  • Changed "Player colors" to "Unique Player colors" and "Garrisoning" to "Alt key Garrisoning" to add clarity.
  • Fixed a bug where if you used the “Cntl” key in the hotkey setting to save games, multiplayer games would save improperly.

Language Fixes

  • Translated the remaining text for the Dutch language.
  • The Japanese campaign voice acting is now in Japanese (was using English audio previously)

The Forgotten Campaign Fixes

Alaric 1:
  • Properly linked name in string table of the purple player- instead of "Legions of Rome" they are now properly named "Goths"
  • Legions of Rome get heresy tech to fix the bug where the mission could not be completed if yellow units were converted.
  • Rerouted change name effect that formerly renamed GAIA units to Refugees- now it renames the player 6 (Refugees) units only. This fixes the bug where some deer were also named "Refugee".
  • Removed the siege units and added huskarls to the starting army

Alaric 2:
  • Disabled Imperial Age tech (like the hints say).
  • Redesigned the bridge so as to make the legion attack less buggy.
  • AI for Legions, activates after the legion crossing the bridge is destroyed.

Alaric 3:
  • Saurus has less units but controls them smarter
  • More resources for the player

Alaric 4:
  • Disabled Chemistry
  • Added an AI


Dracula 1:
  • Made some paths wider.
  • The player can no longer destroy the western enemy town before talking to Danislav.
  • The player can no longer trigger the final battle too early.
  • Some triggers that help the player out when they're in a tight spot near the harbor.
  • Altered the powder cart cutscene- the player isn't defeated still, but they don't have ownership of Dracula either.

Dracula 2:
  • Now the heroes are removed once the B&D starts (without the player losing). That way, they don't get in the way.
  • Fixed the RISK system so that only buildings are converted, not units (thereby avoiding the glitch where whole armies change ownership on a whim).
  • Changed Vladislav II unit (enemy king) to the immobile player so that he doesn't run all over the map.

Dracula 3:
  • Improved AI
  • Improved messages
  • Janissaries at the castle enemy less fast
  • Replaced mosque by wonder to avoid that the player has to spend to much time destroying it.

Dracula 4:
  • Gave the player Imperial Age from the start for balance reasons.
  • Made the player unable to destroy the big Ottoman camp.

Dracula 5:
  • Made some paths wider
  • Made more gold mines for the player


Bari 1:
  • Made some paths wider.
  • Changed GAIA civ to Byzantines so all p1 ships look alike (before there was the one awkward transport with lateen sails.
  • Player is now in Post Imperial age (cartography still disabled).
  • Losing the sapper now triggers a mission failure.
  • Disabled powder units

Bari 2:
  • Made paths wider, made the map more open in general.
  • Made balance easier in B&D- improved the player's city, gave the enemy less units at the onset.
  • Respawning resources in the player's base- that way they don't clear-cut the whole map.

Bari 3:
  • Difficulty adjusted (final battle easier)


Sforza 1:
  • Rerouted the change name effect that formerly changed GAIA animals to "Barn"- now it affects Captain Guitano's (orange) stable.
  • Player can no longer walk on the "sandbar" of the shoreless water up and down the river.
  • Raiders (green) now have Heresy tech so their leader can't be converted.
  • Fixed the appearance of "65093" in the objectives list.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Johannes to not return to his camp.

Sforza 2:
  • Fixed an AI error

Sforza 3:
  • Fixed the message that shows too early.
  • Added flags to the river islands, so the player can kill the navy from them, and disabled the galley line again.
  • Deactivated the alarm after the first part is ended.
  • If Carmagnola's guards(the main army) have less than 20 units the player will win, rather than having to track every single enemy.

Sforza 4:
  • Improved AI. Better adjusted to the difficulty settings and more responsive.
  • Venice's attacks both on land and on sea fixed.
  • Limited bombard cannons production.
  • Fixes to the objectives

  • Minor fixes in all scenarios, mostly cosmetic.
  • Objects are properly aligned to the grid, reducing pathing issues to a minimum.
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