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MS Ryz0n Nov 7, 2013 @ 3:52pm
Age of Empires II HD - The Forgotten: Changelog
The following changes apply to AoF only and do not affect balance in the base AOE II HD game.
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Game Balance Changes (from AoC 1.0c)

General Gameplay
  • Houses cost -5 wood (25 wood)
  • Palisade walls take +1 second to build
  • Stone walls take +3 seconds to build
  • Stone walls -50% HP in feudal age
  • Building HP reduced in Dark and Feudal Age
  • Onagers can kill trees
  • Trebuchets can attack trees a lot better now
  • Villagers can be garrisoned inside rams
  • Castles +1 LOS (range bug)
  • Guard Tower gets +1 attack
  • Keep gets +1 attack.
  • Transport Ship available in Dark Age.
  • Palisade Gate cost decreased to 20W.
  • Fish Traps building time decreased by 13 sec (train time=40, farms are still 15)
LOS (Line of Sight)
  • Cartography is free to research, requires a market.
  • Town Patrol costs -100 gold (300 food, 100 gold)
  • Outposts cost -5 stone
  • Fireships +20 HP
  • Demolition ships +10 HP
  • Trade cogs generate +10% gold
Land Units
  • Cavalry Archers cost -5 gold
  • Capped Rams garrison 5 units (from 4)
  • Long swordmen +5 HP
  • Long swordmen (and up) +2 attack vs. eagles
  • Petards cost -15 food (65 food, 20 gold)
  • Spear-line +1 attack vs. camels
  • Heavy Camel upgrade -20 secs research time
  • Squires cost reduced to 100 food
  • Tracking cost reduced to 50 food
  • Two-Handed Swordsmen have 12 attack (instead of 11).
  • Man-at-Arms (and up) gets +1 attack vs buildings.
  • Camels have +1 attack.
  • Fervor fixed (never worked in AoC)
  • Monks holding relics suffer from anti-monk damage too now
Other Technologies
  • Murder holes costs -100 stone
  • Chemistry affects Castles and Town Centers

Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten Civilizations

  • Free loom removed
  • Start with +50 gold
  • Jaguar warriors +1 pierce armor
  • Castle Age Tech: Atlatl (Skirms +1 Attack, +1 Range)
  • Get Cannon Galleons
  • Longbowman creation time reduced to 17 seconds
  • Receive Heavy Scorpions
  • Imperial Age Tech: Warwolf (Trebuchets do blast damage), Yeomen moved to Castle Age
  • Castle Age Tech: Greek Fire (Fire Ships +1 Range)
  • Furor Celtica gives siege units +40% HP
  • Castle Age Tech: Stronghold (Castles & Towers fire 20% faster)
  • Town Center LOS +5 (moved from Teutons)
  • Castle Age Tech: Great Wall (Walls and towers +30% HP)
  • Elite Chukonu creation speed reduced to 16 seconds.
  • Foragers work +25% faster
  • Get squires
  • Throwing Axeman (non-elite) missile delay -2 (from 12 to 10, elite stays at 8)
  • Elite Throwing Axeman research cost -100 gold
  • Castle Age Tech: Chivalry (Stables work 40% faster)
  • Treadmill crane removed
  • Cannon Galleons removed
  • Huns cavalry archers cost -15% and -25% (castle and imp) -> reduced from -25% and -30%
  • Treadmill crane removed
  • Tarkan (non-elite) +10 HP
  • Tarkan (non-elite) gets +1 attack.
  • Castle Age Tech: Marauders (Create Tarkans at Stables)
Incas (new)
Infantry civilization
  • Start with a free llama
  • Villagers affected by Blacksmith upgrades
  • Houses support 10 population
  • Buildings cost -15% stone
Unique Units:
  • Slinger (anti-infantry archer)
  • Kamayuk (anti-cavalry infantry)
Unique Technologies:
  • Couriers: Kamayuks, Slingers & Eagles +10% faster
  • Andean Sling: Skirmishers & Slingers no minimum range
Team Bonus:
  • Farms built +50% faster
Indians (new)
Camel and Gunpowder
  • Villagers cost -5% Dark Age, -10% Feudal Age, -15% Castle Age, -20% Imperial Age
  • Fishermen work +15% faster and carry +15
  • Camels +1/+1 armor
Unique Units:
  • Elephant archer (cavalry archer)
  • Imperial Camel (camel upgrade)
Unique Technologies:
  • Shatagni: Hand Cannoneers +1 range
  • Sultans: All gold production +10% faster
Team Bonus:
  • Camels +6 attack vs. buildings
Italians (new)
Archer and Naval civilization
  • Advancing to the next age costs -10%
  • Dock techs cost -50%
  • Fishing ships +2 LOS
  • Gunpowder units cost -15%
Unique Units:
  • Genoese Crossbowman (anti-cavalry archer)
  • Condottiero (anti-gunpowder infantry)
Unique Technologies:
  • Pavise: Genoese Crossbowman +1/+1 armor
  • Silk Road: Trade units cost -50%
Team Bonus:
  • Condottiero (anti-gunpowder infantry) available in Imperial barracks
  • Get bloodlines
  • Get gold-shaft mining
  • Castle Age Tech: Yasama (Towers shoot extra arrows)
  • Turtle Boats -10% cheaper (180 wood, 180 gold)
  • War Wagon creation time decreased from 25 to 21 seconds
  • War Wagon cost reduced to 110 wood, 60 gold
  • Fortifications (walls, towers, castles) built 25% faster
  • Team Bonus changed: Mangonels & Onagers minimum range reduced
  • Castle Age Tech: Panokseon (Turtle Ships move 15% faster)
Magyars (new)
Cavalry civilization
  • Villagers kill wolves with 1 strike
  • Forging, Iron Casting, Blast Furnace free (requires blacksmith)
  • Scout Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Hussar cost -10%
Unique Units:
  • Magyar Huszar (cavalry)
Unique Technologies:
  • Recurve Bow: Cavalry Archers +1 range
  • Mercenaries: Magyar Huszars cost no gold
Team Bonus:
  • Foot archers +2 LOS
  • Base cost for Plumed archers increased to 50g, 50w
  • Castle Age Tech: Obsidian Arrows (Archer-line has +3 attack vs. buildings)
  • Elite plumed archer upgrade costs 700F 1000W (instead of 500F 1000W).
  • Elite Cannon Galleons removed
  • Mangudai Siege bonus limited to Rams
  • Mangudai (non-elite) delay -50% (from 10 to 5)
  • Castle Age Tech: Nomads (Destroyed houses don’t lose their population room)
  • Castle Age Tech: Boiling Oil (Castles do extra damage vs. rams)
  • Market costs -75 wood
  • Castle Age Tech: Madrasah (Killed monks return 33% of their cost)
  • Non-elite Mamelukes get +1 attack.
Slavs (new)
Infantry and Siege civilization
  • Farms work +15% faster
  • Tracking free
  • Siege units 15% cheaper
Unique Units :
  • Boyar (cavalry)
Unique Technologies:
  • Orthodoxy: Monks +3/+3 armor
  • Druzhina: Infantry damage adjacent units
Team Bonus:
  • Military buildings (Barracks, Archery Range, Stable, Siege Workshop) provide +5 population
  • Missionaries affected by Bloodlines
  • Castle Age Tech: Inquisition (Monks convert faster)
  • Town Center LOS restored to normal (moved to Chinese)
  • Town Center garrison +10 units, maximum arrows +5
  • Town Center +2 attack removed
  • Teutonic Knight (non-elite) +10 HP
  • Monk healing range bonus fixed (didn`t work automatically in AoC)
  • Castle Age Tech: Ironclad (Siege weapons get +5 extra melee armor)
  • Elite janissaries are now affected by the Turkish team bonus
  • Castle Age Tech: Sipahi (Cavalry Archers +20 HP)
  • Team Bonus: Docks -15% cheaper (rather than -25%) (Docks cost 128 wood instead of 113 wood)
  • Viking ship cost now staggered per age: 10% cheaper in Feudal (81w-27g), 15% in Castle (76-25), 20% in Imperial (72-24)
  • Get treadmill crane
  • Berserk (non-elite) +4 HP
  • Longboats wood cost same as galleys
  • Berserkergang cost 850 food, 400 gold (from 500 food, 850 gold)
  • Castle Age Tech: Chieftains (Berserks get +4 attack bonus vs. cavalry)
  • Berserks/Elite base HP becomes 54/62 (instead of 48/60). Training time of berserk line reduced to 14s (from 16s).

New Technologies (29)

General Technologies
  • Eagle Warrior (300 food, 200 gold): Upgrades Eagle Scouts to Eagle Warriors (+1 PA, +5HP, -3 secs creation time) (Castle Age)
  • Gillnets (300w, 200f): +25% speed for fishing ships (Castle Age)
Unique Technologies (civilization specific)
  • Andean Sling: Skirmishers & Slingers no minimum range ( Incas, Castle Age)
  • Atlatl: Skirms +1 Attack, +1 Range ( Aztecs, Castle Age)
  • Boiling Oil: Castles do +9 extra damage vs. rams ( Persians, Castle Age)
  • Chieftains: Berserks get +4 attack bonus vs. Cavalry ( Vikings, Castle Age)
  • Chivalry: Stables work 40% faster ( Franks, Castle Age)
  • Couriers: Kamayuks, Slingers & Eagles +10% faster ( Incas, Imperial Age)
  • Druzhina: Infantry damage adjacent units ( Slavs, Imperial Age)
  • Great Wall: Walls and towers +30% HP ( Chinese, Castle Age)
  • Greek Fire: Fire Ships +1 Range ( Byzantines, Castle Age)
  • Inquisition: Monks convert faster ( Spanish, Castle Age)
  • Ironclad: Siege weapons get +4 extra melee armor ( Teutons, Castle Age)
  • Madrasah: Killed monks return 33% of their cost ( Saracens, Castle Age)
  • Marauders: Create Tarkans at Stables ( Huns, Castle Age)
  • Mercenaries: Magyar Huszars cost no gold ( Magyars, Castle Age)
  • Nomads: Destroyed houses don’t lose their population room ( Mongols, Castle Age)
  • Orthodoxy: Monks +3/+3 armor ( Slavs, Castle Age)
  • Panokseon: Turtle Ships move 15% faster ( Koreans, Castle Age)
  • Pavise: Genoese Crossbowman +1/+1 armor ( Italians, Castle Age)
  • Recurve Bow: Cavalry Archers +1 range ( Magyars, Imperial Age)
  • Shatagni: Hand Cannoneers +1 range ( Indians, Imperial Age)
  • Silk Road: Trade units cost -50% ( Italians, Imperial Age)
  • Sipahi: Cavalry Archers +20 HP ( Turks, Castle Age)
  • Stronghold: Castles & Towers fire 20% faster ( Celts, Castle Age)
  • Sultans: All gold production +10% faster ( Indians, Castle Age)
  • Obsidian Arrows: Archer-line has +3 attack vs. buildings ( Mayans, Castle Age)
  • Warwolf: Trebuchets do blast damage ( Britons, Imperial Age)
  • Yasama: Towers shoot extra arrows ( Japanese, Castle Age)

Random Map Changes

General Changes
  • Deer variance removed, each player has 4 deer at more or less the same distance from TC
  • Fish density improved: fish appear at more regular intervals thus reducing chances of unlucky dock placement
  • Bonus islands appear in the centre
  • Gold distance variance reduced
  • Relics can no longer appear stuck in walls
  • Wall distance variance removed, distance set to 20
  • Larger base size, preventing players to be too close to water
  • Wolves removed
Black Forest
  • Forests remade to prevent the occurrence of bubbles in which resources and relics often got stuck
  • Larger base size
  • Gold and stone distribution balanced
  • Relic distribution balanced
  • Larger base size for players
Crater Lake
  • Larger base size
  • Gold moved slightly further
  • Central island’s position improved
  • Fish removed
Ghost Lake
  • Inland sea rounded
  • Bonus sheep scattered around more evenly
Gold Rush
  • Central gold mines’ position improved
  • Variance on distance of extra boar and sheep reduced
  • Bonus islands appear in the centre
  • Larger base size to prevent noodle-shaped islands
  • Central sea rounded
  • Larger base size, prevents players from being too close to water
  • Wolves removed
  • Sheep and deer distance variance improved, 2 sheep appear very close to TC
  • Wood distribution improved
  • Distance of gold mine improved
  • Gold and stone no longer appear on the shores of mainland
  • Forest enlarged, same distance from TC for everyone
  • Water edges remade: 50% water covers all edges of the map, 50% none
  • Bonus islands appear in the centre
Salt Marsh
  • Map remade from scratch, a ring of water with shallows appears in the middle
  • Ice patches are broken into smaller pieces and scattered around more evenly
  • Boar variance removed

New Random Maps (11)

Open rushing map (Arabia style) with a standard set of resources. Small lakes are scattered around all over the map and provide little fish.

City of Lakes
Semi-closed water map. Galley rushing can prove fatal on the wrong lake, and fishing on the right one can mean a great boost for your economy. Rather easy to wall, but transports are possible from all sides.

Players start in their little hideout camp in the forest. You’ll have to break free to conquer your foes.

A spiced up version of your everyday map, starting with two town centers.

Nomadic map, players start out with a few yurts and 3 extra villagers. An abundance of hunt wanders on the plains in the center of the map.

Semi-open map. A dried up river runs through the middle, with herds of deer trying to drink from the last puddles that run along the sandy shore. If you want to hunt, you’ll have to go there. But you won’t be alone…

Hill Fort
Fortress type map, players start on a hill together with their teammates. Can you take over your opponents hill or will they make it impenetrable?

Open map, players start clumped together with their teammates. Good coordination between team mates seems more vital than ever to rule these Northern Italian lands. Divide et Impera!

Extremely open map, players start on a hill that is impossible to wall. They must come off their hill to gather resources in the carnage below. They say of the Acropolis where the Parthenon is…

Golden Pit
Variation of Gold Rush. A pit in the center of the map contains large mining reserves. However, protecting the pit means you have to fight uphill. Hill advantage or gold to spend, the choice is yours to make (Incredible map for FFA – Free For All games).

It can be anything!
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