Age of Empires II (2013)

Age of Empires II (2013)

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LAN support
So i was playing the other day i think it was the 6th and steam servers went down while i was playing and noticed when i got out of game because i couldnt start a new multiplayer game. I googled it and sure enough found out this game has no LAN play which i was befuddled by i just expected it to have it. I mean afterall thats what made AOE II great. I would really hope they add it back in after they fix more pressing playability matters. I bought this version because it would allow over the net play without another third party client other than steam which all of my friends already have. I dont care if i dont get achievements in LAN or whatever just make it available. I've seen the argument about everyone having net all the time. They obviously do not have mediacom. Even so my net wasnt the problem it was steam itself. the client runs basically as a LAN once steam lines it up so why not allow it to have that option as standard. Like it or not if steam no longer supports this youre screwed most likely. Microsoft has huge bankrolls but killed the gaming zone and youll end up in the same boat. more of a long run approach perspective. After for 20 bucks youd expect the same features that were in the original with some upgrades.
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People still lan these days devs. Why there is no LAN option for multiplayer makes no sense. Had I read there was no LAN mode I wouldn't have purchased it, neither would my friends. Please add it in an update!

I bought this game thinking I'd get more than in the original but instead I get less.. WTF?!

$20 is too much for this game.
LAN support won't happen. It's their decision - probably to prevent piracy.

But you can play with friends on the same LAN properly, as long as it's through Steam you should see local-quality ping. The game just needs to make proper connections and handshakes with each others during startup, of which the route will be properly established through the shortest path.
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Multiplayer will pretty much become LAN if you all are in the same place. I played this game with my friends the other day at a lan event and our pings were about 3.
The only problem with this setup is, you all need to be connected to the internet in order to play multiplayer. Offline LAN is no good.

Frankly old AoE 2 offered a better networking support. Not only was it capable to play on 56k modem (common at that time), it also had offline LAN support.

With currently bugged multiplayer for this HD, it's doomed to fail if it's not fixed ASAP.
you should just use this patch for the old aoe2 and you are able to get all the HD benefits, AND all the old aoe2 benefits

i dont get, why they are not invited the persons who created this patch, to this project :(
Good grief! I just bought this on steam sale, and no LAN support is stupid! I wouldn't have bought 4 copies, let alone 4 if I had known. Every Age of game ever has had LAN.
These games were MADE for LAN parties.
I hope they pull their head out. I wanted this to be an enjoyable experience, to reminisce with family members, even when the internet is down.
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Please don't bump super old topics like this :/

Anyways, LAN is present, it's just hidden: host a game on multiplayer and have your buddies join, the game will connect locally afterwards. Enjoy!
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