Little Inferno

Little Inferno

Message of ending. =SPOILER ALERT=
Ever wonder what the ending of Little Inferno meant? Here's my guess.

Also, Spoilers. if you haven't completed the game yet, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER. You have been warned.

I think the message is that no matter what it is, there WILL be an end and you can achieve your dreams before "THE END". Just as Miss Nancy said she dreamt of being an astronaut, after a little bit, BOOM ROCKET (no space helmet required). The sun being giant means the end for the solar sysstem, as according to science and theories, the sun will reach the end of it's life in 500 million years and the sun will expands to (forgot) times it's regular size and engulf Mercury, Venus, =EARTH=,and Mars. This + giant sun at end of game = "The End" for the Earth and our solar system. Also notice that and many say in the ending that "you can never turn back". In life, same thing (until we invent time machines which will probably never happen). We cannot take back decisions in life and we cannot undo them *insert snap here* just like that. Also notice that if you burn the 4 items (not telling) at the end, it's "The End" for the house. However, I don't blame anyone from the Little Inferno Universe. I blame combusible lemons (just kidding. I blame the entertainment fireplace.).

Second-most long-winded thing I have posted in any discussion.

Fell free to tell me your opinions in the replies below.
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Wasserstern 22. feb., 2013 @ 13:09 
Late replay activate.

Yeah, thats pretty much what I was thinking.
Uncreative Username 22. feb., 2013 @ 16:57 
Glad i'm not the only one thinking this. XD

I never thought this was going to get any replies. I was JUST about to delete this disscusion.
Bieeanda 14. mars, 2013 @ 16:14 
The story is basically a long adaptation of Plato's allegory of the cave, but instead of sitting immobile, watching the shadows cast by flames behind you and mistaking them for reality, you face the flames and feed it illusory items, cheap, worthless copies of real-world things. The writers reference it in the letters and dialogue, things like never turning away from the flame, and eventually never being able to return to existence as you understood it before turning away from the fireplace.

I think there was a sharp jab at 'mindless' electronic entertainment as well. 'Electronic fireplace' is a really old slang term for television; buying things just to burn them could be a kick at DLC or pay-to-win 'free' games; the owner of Tomorrow talks a lot of endings-- time is finite, and if you burn all of yours doing nothing constructive, you'll never fulfill your dreams.
Cryoned 14. mars, 2013 @ 21:53 
The devs said in a spanish site interview that this video sums it up pretty well what they wanted to say

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Fargunk 21. mars, 2013 @ 9:36 
The Ending Made Me Cry, No Moar Letters? No Moar Catologes? SIDE-SCOROLLING?!
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