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German Survival Server (Less Food, More Zombies, More Stamina, ...)
Here the Link to the Server Info on their Forums, but they sadly not listed all the cool features, so i will note a few not mentioned in the Server description:

Less Food:
Much less in Zombies, much less Cans, less Fruits, Mod to decrease Liquid gained by Food.
Vegie Farming less Harvest, less meat in Animals, mod to make you vomit from raw, rotten or burned meat and one kind of mushroom eaten raw.

More Stamina (Well Balanced)
More Infected
Bigger Wolfpacks
New Loot
No Base destruction from outside but no build anywhere,its like a quest to try and build a safe base, while others try to find the weakpoints. Its ok balanced for this to be ok for now.
White List deactivated at the moment.
Admins temporarly activated Global Text Chat.
Mod for NO Ducktape use on Guns or Clothing.
Mod for Gore and Bleeding trails.

New Crafting recipes(Like building your own improvised Tent or making a Camo net out of Plant material and a Rope),some are in this list:

is back since 7Days. The Mil Loot is set so low, that you can find something good there, but its more likely you dont find mega Gear. Its like Balota but with less chance of Mil stuff.

RADIATION ZONES: Current static Zone: East half of Prison Island, Dynamic changing Zone: Riffy Shipwrack before that south of Severograd, which is clean again. Static Zones are marked on Tourist Maps, dynamic ones not.

Here the Link to the German Community:

I can recoment this DayZ SA Launcher:

If you know a similiar Survival Server, let me know, this is the only one i could find so far.
And iam realy enjoying playing on it, but there are less Players since the christmas bugs,
And most doesnt even know that this server is so awesome. Thats why i have to throw this directly to your Face. =) Join the Apokalypse.

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