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Nolife Gaming 22 listopada 2012 o 6:55
List of needed changes
Hello! I first want to start out by saying that I really enjoy the game. It is a nice sandbox game that I can enjoy creating a town and structures within, but with that said, there are some things that I feel that need to be changed. I will try my best to keep them into categories, and update the list when I can.

Note: I know there are mods that fix some of these problems (like jacks flower mod), but I think these changes should be in vanilla, rather than relying on a 3rd party to fix it.

I must say that heroes are a bunch of dumb lots. They are perfectly content in delving deep into dungeons with no weapons and armor. Even more annoying is when they pass up a decent helmet to put on a feathered cap (this really does seem to be a helmet of choice for them). I Think the best solution to this problem may be to allow us to equip them. If that goes against your standards, then maybe we can have a special weapon or armor rack that attracts the Heroes to it during their idle time.

Another thing I would like to see with Heroes is the ability to dismiss and pick them. Maybe you do not wish to have people spam a bunch of knights, but I really hate seeing 5 rogues or barbarians. I like the feeling of diversity with my heroes, and would very much like to see 1 of each. Perhaps a way to go about it would be to create a new merchant that sells contracts for heroes. We could sell or buy contracts and get heroes we desire. Or maybe page that refreshes once every 2-5 days.


Please put some fear into these civilians. They have more honor than Heroes when it comes to fighting to the death, and the heroes have no problems leading a mob of angry monsters to my civilians... Some heroes they are.

Why is it that I create a stock pile in a strategic location, and the idiots rather place the items around the stock pile rather than in it. Now, it is one thing if they just drop it in the first empty space that they see, but its another thing when they outright avoid the stockpile and clean up later. This is a major time waster. They should put the items straight in the stock pile (This becomes very messy once you start creating feasts.)

The automation in this game is brutal, and sadly, necessary. I am sure most of you want to rip your hair out when you see that somehow you accumulated 1k flour. (That will teach you to let the game run all night while you sleep). This however is not the only problem that comes out of it (even if it is the most annoying).
The problem with the automation system is, that it just automates the tasks, but doesn't assign civilians to do it. So when my civilian is mining gold ore at the near bottom of a mine, He will stop what he is doing, run up 15 flights of stairs just to cook a roast that someone just ate, and in the mean time, someone else will run down 15 flights of stairs to continue the project. My solution to this comes with a suggestion. Create specializations for your civilians. Let them earn exp as they perform the job they are assigned, and become better at their job. An example would be, a level 1 cook would only cook bread at the standard 75% filling, but an experienced cook would give 90%. A professional hauler would only Haul, but get a haste bonus from doing so. (This would also be a better solution to the stockpile problem stated above).
Make sure you don't lock the jobs, though, since maybe you would find yourself having too many cooks or miners, but when you switch their jobs, they would start from exp lvl 1 in their new job.


Only two easy things here. I would like to have some way of telling how much better a wooden chair is to a purple throne. Kind of like how Sims has an environmental rating, so should these things.

Another thing would be a right click option or something to remove furniture without destroying it, or having to delete my personal room to do so thanks to a miss click.


Ever want to create a giant farm, and no matter where you scroll on the map there is stone on the ground preventing you? What about a rocky outcrop being the only thing preventing your perfect park? Solution: allow us to replace blocks with other blocks. Not just removing stone and adding dirt, but the other way around too. I want to fill in holes and other uglies to help create my perfect town! I would also suggest that you allow us to add dirt floor to the dungeons. There would be nothing more satisfying to me than finally reaching the bottom floor and building an underground utopia - complete with farming wheat and animals.


For the love of God, Allah, Budda, Satan or Big bang, please, I beg you, lower the drop rate of goblin and other heads by something around 99%. Why is there a need for so many?! Why is it I have to place and delete around 100 heads per floor I clear? This is more annoying to me than the flower automation! And while you are at it, make them no longer a weapon.


Civilians randomly get trapped on the roof. Solution: Scaffolding. Please fix this, though, I don't want a bunch of scaffolds giving me eye soars.

Lag Issues: Seems to get bad when I hit about 40 civilians. This isn't the only time I get lag issues, but I am unable to identify other reasons at this time. (Maybe It is my computer, but I am not certain - let me know if anyone else have this problem please).

Game Screen turns white when the game is interrupted. (Stupid Java Oracle)

And Finally, the last issue: Full screen mode must always be reactivated whenever A new launch is made. This is not really a huge problem, and I much rather you fix the other stuff and wouldn't be very annoyed if this one was never fixed... but, it is still worth a mention.


As I said, I enjoy this game quite a bit regardless of the problems stated above. Thanks for staying with me through this entire post. Feel free to comment and add things you see that needs changed, and I hope the Devs take this to heart.
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Solar Mongoose 22 listopada 2012 o 7:56 
Two things, just more for-your-information than anything.
1. Most armor is metal, and many of the heroes can't equip metal armor, which is why they go for the crap stuff. Not that this is good or balanced, it's just why.
2. At this point I think we've effectively scared the devs off the Steam forums. :P
Ok, not really, but if you really want to get heard, you probably have a better chance on their forum. (The one at
Nolife Gaming 22 listopada 2012 o 8:10 
Hey, thanks for the info :D ill check it out.
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