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Maximized [NL] Nov 22, 2012 @ 3:23am
Developers: please read this (suggestions, etc. Let's make the game better!)
This game is fun (really; I just played more than 20 hours in just a couple of days. There goes my holiday), but also extremely tedious and frustrating at some points.

Heroes and soldiers will sometimes just freeze for 3-5 second when being attacked by enemies, only to run away back to town (if I'm lucky, I'd say there's around a 30% chance they won't run from a fight) with a train of enemies behind them, causing massive collateral damage to my citizens. It's extremely frustrating to see soldiers getting killed so easily after upgrading them with new armor and weapons, especially when you're at the stage where your soldiers actually have better stats than most of your heroes.
Setting waypoints for soldiers works half of the time, mainly because soldiers (like normal citizens) will go back to town and sleep/eat regardless of the fact that I want them in a group. Result: having a squad of 10 soldiers following waypoints will mainly result in one soldier at a time getting killed because the rest is off sleeping and/or eating. Perhaps something like an outpost would solve this problem, where waypoints will need to be supplied with food in order for them to work. Soldiers would then be able to defend a point much more effectively.

The food mechanic is so-so, but I love the fact that the player can grow his or her own food and combine ingredients to create better food for their citizens. The wheat-growing system really needs work, as citizens will just keep on milling wheat for flower if there is enough wheat available, resulting in an extreme overflow of flour getting scattered everywhere. Trying to solve this with fewer wheat or having less mills active will only result in citizens starving because there isn't enough food to sustain the current population. It's extremely difficult to build a reliable, balanced food chain for a population in Towns, because of the way food gathering and producing works.

Another annoying "bug" in the game, is the way pathfinding and retrieval of items works. I've had citizens walking all around the map, just to return back to town and walk down to the couple of levels I wanted them to do in the first place. This problem especially occurs when digging below level 8. It's very frustrating to build a set of armor, placing the armor in a container within your town, telling your citizens to put on the armor, and then seeing them walk all the way down to the the most recent reached dungeon floor to try and find a similar piece of armor.
When autoequipping armor and weapons, citizens should work from the closest point to town to the least close point of town when trying to find suitable armor. I've seen dozens of citizens die this way because they just walk into a group of enemies whilst being unarmed and unarmored, while I've got whole suits of armor ready for them right in the center of town.

When auto-ordering wood, I'd like to see the filters for the various tree times removed and condensed into one filter, namely wood. The current system is illogical because of the fact that the auto-order (or auto-crafting, whatever it's called) mechanic centers around retrieving _items_, and not the source of items. Since all trees generate the exact same type of wood, there should be only one option when auto-ordering wood. Citizens should figure out by themselves that all types of planted trees generate the same type of wood.

The UI needs _a lot_ of work. Try and set some filters for containers; especially when you got a few dozen containers. Click, click click. And please, get us some larger containers. Why not more expensive containers based on copper, iron, silver, gold, etc. that can hold more items? I'd like to see containers like copper chests, iron chests, etc. to be able to store more than just 10 items per tile (or even 5 items when trying to store gold and silver).

Lastly, please get some more music playing than just one tune. It gets really old after the 8432th loop. The game could use a lot more work on it's sound as far as I'm concerned; every death sounds the same.

I do hope this game will be developed and finished (especially since a lot of people now actually paid for a game that isn't done yet) and the players will be listened to by the developer(s). This game has a lot of potential, but needs a lot of work before it's ready to be called a full-fledged Indie game. Right now, it's like paying for a car and getting 3 wheels, a door and being only to drive in reverse.

I'm going to post this in various locations, hoping that the developer(s) will read this and use it to improve the game. I suggest everyone with ideas, complaints and suggestions does the same. Again: in my opinion the game still has a lot of potential, but still needs a lot of work done. Part of being a indie developer means listening to the community, and that's what I'm hoping the author(s) will do.
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Altwynn (Banned) Nov 22, 2012 @ 4:07am 
Dude, edit this. Maybe break up the paragaraphs, number your points, do something to make this more accessable. Big walls of text get ignored quite often in forums.
Maximized [NL] Nov 22, 2012 @ 4:11am 
Good point! Edited my post. :)
andrewsgames Nov 22, 2012 @ 4:26am 
Great post!!! The townies are especially annoying when they act like soldiers or heroes and run to attack the monsters instead of fleeing. My townies would rather go down to collect a pig, chicken, etc. that had managed to fall into the dugeon rather than going after the same type of amimal just a few blocks away from them!!!!
Izatiis Nov 22, 2012 @ 4:41am 
may i add a rotate camera feature, fix to roof construction, stockpile ability to actualy "stockpile" rather than single stack, priorities actually taking priority (seems some actions take precedence over others) and material collection as outlined above (efficiency!). To name a few fixes i'd like to see... on top of the others
ragnar119 Nov 22, 2012 @ 4:42am 
Well, nice post OP. You can fix the wheat-growing problem instaling this mod, it helps a lot:

Also looks for some of other mods (like rotate items and more) that can be maybe of interest for you:

LIST of mods:

There is a suggestion part on their forum so you may be interested to post this there also:
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