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Entropos Dec 8, 2012 @ 1:48am
Suggestions (labor force management + market place)
So - I'll leave out the standard "I like it, but it's not done yet" commentary - already covered here.

Four suggestions (two major, two minor):

Major -
1) It's a bit strange to have my "townies" running through the dungeons picking up weapons and armor. Materials I can understand, but -
- (main idea) Why not have a "marketplace booth" that can be configured to buy and sell weapons and armor to heros?
- (secondary) Would be nice if I could assign bounties to the collection of "dropped" materials. (Say...25 gold per goblin head)
Both would allow for more of "traditional RPG, but from another perspective" feel that the game seems to be going for.

2) It's not a perfect fit, but - check out the (old) city buiding games Zeus, and Rise of the Middle Kingdom. Both had excellent labor force management options.
- Ability to set multiple elements of work force to "same priority" (with workers split between)
== example ==
10 townies, 6 gathering tasks, 5 mining, 5 hauling
- Current Prioritization - 1) gathering 2) mining 3) hauling
- result = 6 gathering, 4 mining, 0 hauling
- Suggested - 1) gathering 2) mining, haulting
- result = 6 gathering, 2 mining, 2 hauling

Minor -
3) For stockpiles - just give me an "exit button" and let me check on/off the items. Clicking through the menu repeatedly to select multiple items is...well...needlessly frustrating. (check boxes have been "a thing" for a while now...and even without them, the game settings allow for multiple selections without exiting the menu.) To be honest, this is my biggest complaint about the game (completely pointless irritant)

4) Give me a hot key for "high priority instructions". For example - let me hold down CTRL while placing a section of wall and it bumps the request to the top of the queue.

Towns > General Discussions > Topic Details
Date Posted: Dec 8, 2012 @ 1:48am
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