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Why is this even on Steam?
Steam is supposed to be a game distribution platform, why the hell are we seeing photo editing software and a bunch of other stuff which clearly shouldn't be on Steam to begin with in the store?
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Someone did not pay attention :)
steam is a content delivery network. they used to just provide games, but as of (i believe) september, they have been providing software as well. i wouldn't be surprised if someday they deliver movies and music, books, phone/tablet apps, etc...
Steam-style movie and music program would definitely rock. They proved they know WTF they're doing with games, this is a logical next step for a decent company.
As mentioned, Steam started adding non-gaming software a couple of months ago.

They're trying to expand beyond just catering to gamers. Nothing wrong with that.
StNick 11 déc. 2012 à 14h07 
They do already provide movies, or at least one. The Indie Game Movie.

Personally I don't mind software as long as it's game related in some way. This is pushing it, but you could use it to edit resources for a game.
Gnome 11 déc. 2012 à 14h25 
I see no problems in adding software to their service, but I DO want to be able to filter it out the way you can with DLCs.
schnitzeljaeger a écrit :
Someone did not pay attention :)

I didn't catch this specific new thing, but thanks for everyone explaining it. Not really sure if I'd be alright with it though, as there's plenty of websites where you can just buy pretty much every type of software available already, and I browse Steam to buy games, not to buy photo editing software, or hell, perhaps indeed even movies and music and stuff like that in the future.

Speaking of that, that would make a logical next step for them, seeing their recent release of Big Screen.
aevitas a écrit :
schnitzeljaeger a écrit :
Not really sure if I'd be alright with it though

Buh bye now, don't let the door hit you on the way out!!
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I believe most of these tools are kinda based around the steam workshop
C= 64 11 déc. 2012 à 20h57 
Well so far not one piece of software is noteworthy in the steam store to be blunt, until they get proper software on the store i don't see myself buying any of it.

Good idea to sell software, bad execution though so far.
LOL ! WTF is steam doing ?
It smells like a M$ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t business.
Pipman 12 déc. 2012 à 12h48 
Honestly I think It would be great if they make smtn like iTunes(god forgive me - I said that word) in the future - when you can choose between games, movies, music and software just using ONE account - Steam account(and you always can redownload anything you bought in one moment).
They just need to add one thing in account settings - to choose what type of content you wanna see when you hit "Store" tab.
I am so freakking upset at Steam's Direction! I absolutely detest seeing non-game sales on Steam. They need to find a new channel or brand to market that on. I go to Steam to shop exclusively for Games, to play Games, and get news on Games, and share Games with Friends. I don't effin care about non-game apps selling/sales on my Premier Game Entertainment NETWORK! DO NOT DIRTY, RUIN, NOR SACK THE STEAM BRAND! The Marketing VP needs to be fired immediately! STEAM is about GAMES!!! You know? GAMES that are FUN. GAMES you PLAY. GAMES that Entertain. Let me make it simple for Marketing Monkeys:STEAM -- Stop Trying to Emulate Apple or Microsoft! Steam persists because it's true to the Game community and represents both sides of the Game/Enterainment market. I don't go to Disneyland to shop for cars. I don't go to the airport to eat at a nice resteraunt. In turn, I don't go to a premier GAMING application that's encompasses my computer, my TV, and my phone SO I can learn about COLORING applications and Photographic Manipulation. Can you just keep them seperated? Seriously!! What is absolutely next? Discounts on Milk if I hit an achievement? Are you going to go for complimentary Oreo's while I am slaying a dragon? Going to post coupons for getting my car's oil change while I level up? Are you going to post Market Trends or CNN feeds while I'm getting killed in MW3? The end of this little marketing charade is uncontrollable and unforseeable....however, why EVEN start to ruin a good thing? Is it because its the American thing - The inevitable need to take a chance to screw with what works awesomely well? Can you just leave it alone? BRAND=TRUST -- that's real money...I dont' care which side of the CFO you sit on. Is Steam worth this decision to propogate non-game sales on a premier game channel? Sersiously, the IQs dropped over there or someone's "T" is a little short in the saddle when it comes to marketing. I rather not see Steam turn into QVC after I have faithfully moved and entrusted my entire PC Gaming library to Steam. I want to shout profanities of disgust as I endure the hardship of seeing bad decision making. However, I must digress and watch what business do well: screw up a good thing.
Chill guys. At the top of the front page you can choose "games" or "software"
I am so chill, but you gotta see it too...I'm on the Games TAB, but looky look. Go ahead...let's play a GAME on Steam for once....can you guess, in the picture, what DOESN'T belong in the grouping? I'll help you out with a red box.

Check It []
*Warning...this is a free picture site I just googled*

You know, it starts with only one...then you have to start sorting your lists to see the stuff you really want to see (look how Amazon does it), and then you can't control sales ads on the side box...and you thing, next'll see tampon ads....because you know, they (tampons) are complimetary products for games with sheep. But wait, it gets'll have to get an ad-blocker on Steam because you will see tampon ads when you level up or you are going for the headshot...but you won't see a head in the scope you're supposed to be zero'd on for your team kill, you'll see a freaking tampon! Don't say I didn't warn you.
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