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Spiréal 27 września 2012 o 12:40
Why does everyone hate this game ?
It's addictive, minimalist but efficient. Sorta point'n'click, but with short levels. But all i see in discussions and the Hub is massive bashing. SO why do you hate this game ?
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Goteki45 27 września 2012 o 13:17 
My guess would be part trolling, part actual dislike of the game but lack of tact, and part entitlement issues over this game being released from Greenlight prior to Black Mesa.
CueZero 27 września 2012 o 14:29 
Because their balls haven't dropped and their parents never taught them the meaning of humor. They have to play 3D shootyman games with "siiiiick graphix" to make up for all the testosterone they DON'T have yet.
McShave07 27 września 2012 o 15:37 
I actually like this game, but it is not in a month of sundays worth £3.99.
Soggy 27 września 2012 o 15:45 
I love point and clicks...especially old school graphics like the Indiana Jones games and Day of the Tentacle. The problem with McPixel is that 1) it's not very funny, I got a pretty wide sense of humor but I have only laughed at a couple of the puzzles, 2) The puzzle solutions are usually pretty lame and make zero sense, half the time I just click ♥♥♥♥ until something completely random happens that has nothing to do with what I clicked.

edit: I should mention that I don't regret spending the money though, since I like SOS's outlook as a game developer.
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CJM 27 września 2012 o 16:02 
I expect part of the problem is the first impression that this game gives.

It looks like a game developed by a 12 year old who lacks artistic skill and the money for better developing software. A MSPaint quality photo of a guy peeing, or kicking an old man in the balls does not create a very strong first impression that it is quality. The Peeing and ball kicking screenshots remind me, and I'm sure many others, of the terrible Duke Nukem Forever style of "humor".

McPixel has to overcome this image.
MattyFTM 27 września 2012 o 16:06 
It's a very unique game that appeals to a specific subset of people. Even though that subset is large enough to greenlight the game, it still has a rather specific target audience - it's just that target audience is passionate and vocal. It is entirely understandable that McPixel isn't for everyone, and many people might not get the humour and won't like the game.

And with the anonymity of the internet, you are going to get a small number of people acting like complete ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s. Unfortunately, that's a fact of the internet. You just have to ignore it. People like that crave attention, and threads like this only give them attention.
CueZero 27 września 2012 o 16:37 
Początkowo opublikowane przez UTeightohfive:
2) The puzzle solutions are usually pretty lame and make zero sense, half the time I just click ♥♥♥♥ until something completely random happens that has nothing to do with what I clicked.

This is the part where the humor is lost on people, I guess. The random factor and seeing things that you seriously did not expect to happen when you click something (and the comedic timing that goes with it) are what have me cracking up and continuing on in this game. If you're wondering why none of the outcomes make any sense, the game is probably a little above your head. Honest question, Did you think WarioWare was random, nonsensical and stupid too?

Honestly, if you don't find stuff like this ( ) funny, then I don't know why you're even bothering talking about McPixel.
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Ser Uresto 28 września 2012 o 0:38 
McPixel is not something than can be above anyone's head. Either his particular brand of random comedy hits your tastes, or it doesn't. It's not a smart game, you love the silly, dumb scatterbrained humor, or it misses and you don't.
Toroko 28 września 2012 o 0:54 
It's because a lot of people on Steam are 12 year olds that cry about games if they don't have next gen graphics, oh blur, so intense. Also 12 year olds that have never played anything else than call of duty, yeah dude, shoot, unlock, sergean nr 11 unlock, points points points.
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Salazar 28 września 2012 o 5:33 
Kids only play games because of the graphics.
Munk 28 września 2012 o 7:51 
It was a little funny but with 2 bgm and no sfx I was getting a headache after the first stage. Feeling the 8/16/24 bit craze I thought I'd chance it because of the greenlight but this was a mistake. A game isn't cool or fun because its 'old skool' which is why this game felt like a rip off. It was the effort and ingenuity of the 'old skool' that made them great. Okay figuring out the puzzles were a little inventive but the jokes really wernt that funny. Maybe if they added the sfx that it needed maybe it could of got a chuckle out of me. As a gamer since 1992 I say that all this game deserves is a bargain bin on a mobile device store. Give me back my 2 hours McPixel!
DerHannes 28 września 2012 o 11:31 
Only trolls... I love this game. Played it through 100% for 3 times now but delete the save everytime to start again!
Pablo The Flamingo 28 września 2012 o 12:02 
THe problem I had was that the game simply wasnt fun. THe puzzles were pointless and often the solutions were just lame. I end up just randomly clicking until it works since its simply illogical. I also do not like the art style, seems very poor and little effort went into it. I find it funny that everyone is saying how all the 12 year old COD kids are hating it when, although I do agree with that, this game seems to be gauged towards 12 year olds who have an immature sense of humor and are not willing to be intellectually challenged enough to play a mentally stimulating puzzle game.
mrcraggle 28 września 2012 o 17:57 
I originally read about the game on Giant Bomb but dismissed it because I wasn't really feeling the art style but reading the premise of the game really got me interested and £3.99 is cheap enough that I thought I may as well and now I think the art style actually works in the games favour to get its humour across. It can be really random in its solutions but the game encourages experimenting as you can't even access the later levels without finding all of the gags.
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Salty Shunk 28 września 2012 o 19:06 
The people who think the game isn't funny don't have the sense of humor that this game requires. It's heavily reliant on strange, almost surreal, humor, as well as a good helping of toilet humor. I find people who still don't laugh at pee and fart jokes in an attempt to "be mature" to be masking the fact that they are in fact incredibly boring people. Being too mature for that kind of thing just means you're dull.
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