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cosgray1196 Jul 16, 2016 @ 8:34am
Cut scene problems!
Hey guys! In this cutscene I'm working on an assassin walks up and attacks the player, knocking them out. I have everything working but as soon as the assassin walks up to the player everything freezes. The next part is that the player was supposed to fall over then they would teleport to a strange dimension. The cutscene wont continue past when the Assassin faces the player. If anyone can help please let me know!
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Lordfulger Jul 16, 2016 @ 8:40am 
for walking up to the player use the set move route...do the attack, and it shouldnt freeze...maybe there is a prob with one of the commands. for falling down, use your "death" in common events sprite and simply set the fade out, tp to the place u want, then fade in
Lordfulger Jul 16, 2016 @ 8:40am 
If you need more help send me a screenshot of your events
Poster asks for help, check.
Poster tells story, check.
Poster doesn't share any information on how he is trying to implement this, check.
Poster expects fancy storytelling to replace mechanical competence, check.

Wake me up when poster learns to share actual relevant information.
AceHangman Jul 17, 2016 @ 11:05pm 
There are two main causes of game freezes. The first is that someone has an Autorun event that they forget to disable. The second (and likely the cause of yours) is a movement collision.

This happens when you tell an event to move over an impassible tile or into another event that is set to the same Priority. There is a check box that will tell an event to continue moving even if it collides with someone, but to be safe in most case, I like to set moving events to THROUGH ON, then do the movement to where they should be, Then THROUGH OFF at the end.

I can't tell what your assassin may be colliding with, it's important to mapout how and where the event will move and to think about the possible locations of the player. When you, the designer, make the map you probably just think the player will walk right up and talk to the NPC or trigger the event from one spot, but players are goofy, they'll walk around NPCs and talk to them from behind or from the side, so you have to be ready for things like that.

Also, be aware that if your game has followers and FOLLOWERS is ON, then each of those party members trailing the hero will also block pathing and cause a freeze, so for certain scenes where you might have the main character moving you might want to FOLLOWERS OFF, then move the PC, Then FOLLOWERS ON. Especially for scenes where you have the hero jump a gap or something.

So, for starters, try setting the Assassin event to THROUGH ON at the start of movement, and then THROUGH OFF at the end of the scene, if it works, that means you know what your problem was.
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