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Hello, can someone help me, how to earn money fast? Because I am doing everything, but I can't get money enough. Maybe someone knows some cheats? Thank You
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ls-uk site .. there are some mods for fs13 allready and money mod is one Ctrl/Alt 0 to gain 1million its self installing too ,,, your now minted!!
MsT you do start with some corps in your silo's you can sell. The inn give the best price for Conola (raipe) and barely it is on the eat side of the map. Wheat sell at the mill which is south of the farm.The port give the best price for corn it is in the northwest corner of the map. you can also sell the extra dinky little tractors that are spread out on the map. Chickens cost 20 or 40 each and you do not need to feed them just need to collect the eggs by running around in the chicken coop and then go to anyplace that buys eggs. There is a place in the town east side that buys eggs.

You can also do the mission. Most require a fork truck and pallet forks but operating and keeping the pallet on forks can be very difficult. You can also get the mowing missions which i would only do with tractor w/ mower attachment. the little rider is cute but unless it is right there you will never complete the mission. Mowing missions pay very nicely if you use the mowing tractor. now need to clean up the grass either.

If you really want a cheat on money I can give you a walk through on how to add any amount of money you want.
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Headrush, money is a simple dev panel cheat. If you are installing a 'mod' to cheat money then you are installing a keylogger/virus/malware.
To get any amount of money go to documents,then open my games,should show farming simulator 2013,open it,choose your save game,open it,look for career savegame,right click it,then open with word pad,it will say,<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no" ?>
<careerSavegame revision="1" valid="true" money="406048084" ,after money =add any number,as you can see i already did,when done save and exit..Hope that helped,dont use notepad,it dosent work then...only word pad!!!.
If you dont like cheeting, i have a suggestion that worked for me. first, i harvested the field at the start of the new game. then, i sold everything i had on hand at the appropriate sale point (whichever offered the best price at the time...or you can wait for a high demand if you are more patient then I am). once i've sold everything, i started selling some of the extra equipment i dont use (bring the equipment to the shop to get the 20% boost in sale price).

next, i bought a deutz agrofarm 430 front loader + the pallet fork. also, take your 2 best starting tractors, and get mower attachments for them. park one mower+tractor at the golf course, and the other at the campsite.

now, everything is in place. turn the time scale all the way up to 120, turn missions on to every 2 minites, and do every mission that comes up. if you cant get the hang of the front loader missions, skip them. even if you dont use the front loader, it is a very nice vehicle for getting around, and you will need it later in the game.

last, but not least: from now on, every time you have $20k saved up, buy a beehouse when you are done playing for the day, disable the missions, and leave the game running, once you are able to afford enough beehouses, your money will add up rather quickly. i did this last night, and when i woke up the next day, i had over $2 million saved up. beehouses, solor collectors, and wind generators are all great ways to make money while doing nothing. it takes about 13 days game time to make the money back for each one you place.

i've found that this is a great way to get the achievements for playing for 10 hours, and for doing 50 missions, and when you're done, you'll have a nice bit of cash to buy the equipment you really want.
why turn the time up to 120 though?
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why turn the time up to 120 though?
Yeah I would turn it down to real time. Less equipment costs.

Mission time is real time. No matter what your time scale is.
Ryan .. total tosh keylogger/virus/malware
Why turn the time scale up? the answer is this...if you turn the time scale up, it increases the spead of the game. i assumed that this means faster income from placed items.

of course, now that you've raised the question, i'm not as sure about that as i was before. also, i assumed that equipment maintanence only accumulates while u use other words, turn off all workers, and dont sit in your vehicle, an the maintenance costs should stop.

if i'm wrong about any of this, feel free to say eveyone else, i'm new to the game, and still getting the hang of things.

one other thing i forgot about in my last off the loan at the beginning of the game...if you dont, you will pay interest on it. I cant really say exactly when is the best time to pay this off, but when you do, you get an achievment.
another cheep money making tip: chickens are really cheep. if you park one of your cheep tracktors next to the egg shop, and another next to your chickens, you can collect eggs, and sell them fairly fast. the down side is, i was only able to have 57 eggs on the ground before i had to pick them up. i thought that adding more chickens would increace the number of eggs that could stay on the ground, but after doubling my chicken count from 50 to 100, there was no difference.

i was selling around 100 eggs at a time, and only getting around $2-3k for them, but if you want something to do while waiting for things to happen, egg farming is another thing you can do to occupy your time, and its somewhat fun until you get sick of it...which for me was right around when i noticed how few eggs i could leave on the ground before the number stopped climbing.
As an add-on to the chicken note, a dev post on the game forums said that there are a max of 57 spaces where an egg could render and spawn; if you own 250 chickens, you will need to pick up the eggs ever ~10 min to keep them "working". Additional chickens will only increase the rate-of-spawn, but not the maximum number ready at once.
They should add multiple eggs to one spawn... So when you pick up "one" you get X number of eggs...
I only turn the time up when I want my fields to grow faster. Then I turn it back down to real time so that way it slows down the withering of your crops. It gives me time to harvest before they die.
If you don't want to cheat... you can always go for the beehive exploit. Buy couple of beehives, turn the time up 120x and leave it running over night. can do the same w/ solar panels and windmills. Sell all your equipments 1st so you aren't paying for maintinence. If ya gonna do that might as well just cheat...
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