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Capt'n Skunky Mar 25, 2013 @ 11:36am
FAQ, Trading, Steam Workshop (i.e. Start Here)
Q: Will KSP be making use of the Steam Workshop for game Mods?
User contributions to KSP in the form of extra parts, plugins and craft files are already available the on Curseforge mods page[]. Support for Steam Workshop is not planned.

Q: I am experiencing problems with KSP where can I get support?
If you require assistance, please use the support section[] of the official KSP forums with the following information for stock installs[], or modded installs[] so we can best help you out.

If you want to report a bug please see the public bug tracker here[] but please search the forums and bug tracker before reporting a bug to avoid posting a duplicate.

Q: Is there a place to find more information about KSP?
A: Yes there is, you can find a lot of information, from parts to planets and controls at the KSP Wiki.[]

Q: If I have already bought the game on the KSP Store before March 20th 2013, can I switch over to Steam?
A: The answer to that is Yes[].

Q: When will the next update be?
The next update will be release when the development team, the test teams and the quality assurance team are happy with it. Please follow the live streams[], developer articles[] and the development team blogs (HarvesteR[], for progress on the current update.

Q: The thought of Multiplayer KSP is making me salivate, is this a planned feature?
A: Squad do now have plans to add multiplayer to KSP though there is no ETA on this, and a number of add-ons have been made that add multiplayer aspects. Check the Wiki for more details[].

Q: Will the game support Steam achievements?
There are currently no plans to add Steam achievements to the game.

Q: I enjoyed the Demo! What extra features do I get in the full game?

  • More planets and moons[]
  • Unlimted number of simultaneous flights
  • User made plugins and parts add a whole new dimension to the game, they are available from Curseforge[]
  • Extra stock parts, including rover wheels
  • The ability to load an unlimited number of parts
  • Re-entry[] heat effects
  • Access to the runway and thus space planes[]

Q: Give me more! What features are planned for the full version of the game?
You can review a list of the core planned features on the KSP Wiki[]. If you are hungry for more information then you can watch the previous developer live streams on the KSP TV channel[].

Q: What are the system requirements for KSP?
A: These can be found at the foot of the Steam KSP store page for PC, Mac and Linux.

Q: My rocket will not leave the launch pad, what can I do?
A: Press the Space bar to start your rocket :)

Q: Can I trade Cards & Games here?
A: Please use the Steam Market and Steam Trade forums for your trading and marketing needs. They are there for just that reason.
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