Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program

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sal_vager Nov 25, 2014 @ 3:34pm
The Grand KSP Development Discussion Megathread!
Want to talk about KSP's development but don't want to comment in threads that just get unpinned every week? Then this thread is for you!
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95Bravo95 Nov 25, 2014 @ 3:47pm 
WooHoo! Thanks!
(Then realizes he doesn't have anything new to say about development at the moment, lol)
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Drill Sergeant Nov 25, 2014 @ 4:04pm 
Hmm, I like how they added in destructable buildings... Thanks Squad!
Quivico Nov 25, 2014 @ 7:09pm 
You guys like the new Mark 3 plane parts?
cyber.mhack Nov 25, 2014 @ 8:33pm 
sir have plan to add some camera mode?:KSmiley:
sal_vager Nov 26, 2014 @ 2:01am 
I really like the Mk3 plane parts, they go well with the Nasa parts, looking forwards to seeing the cargo bay eventually too.

Camera modes would be welcome, there's a mod for that currently, I don't expect Squad to look into it till much later though.
Drill Sergeant Nov 26, 2014 @ 2:39am 
Originally posted by cyber.mhack:
sir have plan to add some camera mode?:KSmiley:
cyber.mhack Nov 26, 2014 @ 3:17am 
haha thanks for answering my question.. hmm? last question can squad team do this? reduce part counts when building station/base.. you know.. saving more memory and less lag.. xD
Ezekiel Nov 26, 2014 @ 3:49am 
Maybe some alien encounters and learn technology from them .maybe new galaxys were only alien tech can take you would be fun to try;D

Sierra Nov 26, 2014 @ 6:46am 
I can't wait to see the upgrade system in 0.26, and experience too! It'll be nice to finally have a reason for assigning different kerbals to different parts of the space program, and I'll definitely make sure to stock up my Munar rover facility with plenty of naive, willing engineers to go and get [s]stuck upside-down in a crater[/s] valuable scientific data from different biomes. Hopefully there'll be some interesting mods to build on the experience system too! I'd love to have dedicated space station staff (increase science yield?) and spaceplane pilots!
Dead Already Nov 28, 2014 @ 1:32am 
It would be nice in Career to have another Kerbal Nation compete against you to get to the mün. A kind of space race like on Earth.
Graphically, maybe adding more planet like features such as roads and towns to the landscape? Though I imagine that would greatly increase the resources the game uses.
Toastie Buns Nov 28, 2014 @ 7:59am 
Originally posted by Dead Already:
It would be nice in Career to have another Kerbal Nation compete against you to get to the mün. A kind of space race like on Earth.
Graphically, maybe adding more planet like features such as roads and towns to the landscape? Though I imagine that would greatly increase the resources the game uses.

The race would then be on to dock with the enemy lander and push it either out of the system or back to the planet. Screw winning the space race honestly, attrition is the only way to play the game.
xevious Nov 28, 2014 @ 11:59am 
i hope we haven't forgotten about gp2...
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Doh Nov 28, 2014 @ 1:36pm 
More Kerbal character stuff. Stats .. traits. skills. achievements for each kerbal.. ranks . kerbal filter for assignment.. "Dressing room" to change the look of a kerbal..


achievement for an individual kerbal might be "landed at the mun" - "Landed at minimus"
when u get those 2 achievements on that kerbal.. his rank might go up to "System Explorer" . Only the pilot of the craft at the time of the landing gets the achievement. not every kerbal on board. Maybe give that kerbal some kinda piloting bonus while in the kerban system. slightly softer landings... steadier nav ball.. I dont really know what a good bonus would be.. but a reason to achieve a rank would be important.

assignment filter.. Imagine you have a pilot that has rescued a few kerbals and has an appropriate achievement / rank for it. If you have that kerbal as pilot.. maybe you could get a bonus of some sort if you are attempting to rendevous with another kerbal. A filter for finding pilots good at rescuing kerbals would make assignment for a mission easier.

Stats would be handy for making some kerbals better at certain things.. keeping you from having every rank on every kerbal. you wouldnt want to spend the time to take a kerbal with a bad Dexterity on all of the apropriate missions to get his pilot achievements .. because he would make a bad pilot.

I think it would make it feel more like the kerbals were in control of the game instead of me being in control of it.. if some kerbals were better at some things than others. once you land on minimus.. there isnt really a reason to go back... but .. you would want more than one good pilot... so you need to go back to minums several times to get those achievmnts on other kerbals to make them better pilots.

A kerbal with a high intelligence stat would make a better scientist.. conduct experiments in the lab module in different places to advance thru the ranks.. maybe the bonus is you get less of a % loss when you are "Transmitting data" .. or you get a higher bonus for using the lab.

I think it would make resucing one of your seasoned kerbals way more important.. especially if there were no respawns. seems there are endless recruits.. and there isnt anything to distinguish a noob from a seasoned pilot.

Make it so that a kerbal that has never been to space... cant just catch the next flight to jool
you need to prepare each of your kerbals atleast in some minimal way. quick shots around kerban would be more plentiful . I dont think I have shot up a small rocket to orbit kerbin.. then land back down since the first day I played the game.. there isnt really a reason to.. I already have a satelite up there . I would have to do it a lot more to prepare each kerbal for a mission. It would also give a reason to transmit data from every spot around kerbin , the moon.. etc again.. to rank up your scientists.

A nice graphical indicator would be patches on the uniforms for achievemnts earned.. so a seasoned pilot with a ton of achievments would look a heck of a lot cooler in screenshots.. his uniform proudly covered in patches like a luggage bag covered with stickers from around the world.

Anyways that may have been discussed a million times im not sure im new to the forums. and maybe no one is interested in that kinda stuff. but i think it would make the game more fun for me.
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andrewhfaulkner Nov 29, 2014 @ 9:14am 
I think they should add more solar systems. And to make the trips a little less lenthy you add a technology and/or building that you can research interstellar travel. You'd have 3 types of warp drives

1. SIngularity Drive- high energy input but very fast (opens a worm hole and opens it near the destination)
2. "Warp" drive- less engy required but slower (Warps space around the space craft and the space craft rides it like a surf board)
3. Nuclear/Anti-matter Drive- very low energy required but very slow (controlled anti-matter or nuclear explosions propell the space craft)
ShadowPhoen1x Nov 30, 2014 @ 7:11am 
Update to Unity 5 so we can have access to a better Physx version. I'd love to see lagrange points and realistic N-body simulation implemented too
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