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Support, known issues & workarounds
Regarding Support
Hello and welcome to the Steam forums! This thread lists some of the most commonly encountered issues with KSP, and explanations on how to work around them (if possible). It is important to realize that KSP is in constant development, so bugs can happen, although we're committed to fixing them. Please note that we do not provide support on the Steam forums, since we've found their structure to be unsuitable to handle support requests. If you're having an issue that is not covered in this post please head over to our official forums:

- Support for unmodded installs of Kerbal Space Program[]
- Support for modded installs of Kerbal Space Program[]

If you do decide to request support there, please read the sticky threads first. They contain a list of information the other community members need to quickly and adequately help you resolve your problem, where to find that information and how to share it. This includes such things as knowing which version of KSP you run and game logs.

Often Encountered Issues
The buildings lock up, I can't click on anything and/or firing a Kerbal crashes the game
A workaround and fix is given here[], thanks to Claw.

KSP takes several minutes to load up, without any mods installed
The most common cause for this is that you have unused virtual network adapters installed. An example of such a Virtual Network Adapter is Hamachi. Disabing or removing the VNA will fix the problem, you can do this from the Network & Sharing center in the Control Panel.

KSP crashes [due to incompatible software]
Incompatible software
Some programs will cause KSP to crash, so far these are: Gigabyte OC guru, Avast! 8 Anti Virus suite, Fraps (if started before KSP), IDvault, WMWare

[LNX] No text shows up in the settings menu
To fix this issue you need to install the arial.ttf and arialb.ttf fonts to your installation, this can be found in the ms-corefonts.ttf or eufonts packages.

[OSX] KSP won't start or crashes
Most OSX issues are permissions related, solve these by enabling read/write permissions on the KSP_osx folder. To do this, open a Terminal, change the directory to where the KSP_osx is and type: "sudo chmod -R 777 KSP_osx" (without the quotes) alternatively, OSX saves the state of programs it runs. Sometimes these files are corrupted and need to be deleted for a program to run properly again. Click this link[] to learn how to find the saved states; the one you need to delete is the unity.Squad.Kerbal Space Program.savedState folder.

General Troubleshooting
If you wish to troubleshoot a problem not on the list some more information is available here[] for the stock game, if you also have mods installed please read this topic[] as well
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