Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program

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Steam Workshop, multiplayer etc
All credit for this post goes to Ewok, thank you for helping out!

Steam Workshop and Mods

Steam Workshop support isn’t planned.

Kerbal Space Program (KSP) isn’t just available on Steam, and Steam Workshop would only work for people who bought the Steam version.

You can get KSP mods from Curse.[] Anyone can use these mods, including Steam customers, and they’re pretty easy to install[].

KSP mods also use .dll files, and while Steam Workshop can use these files, their flexibility makes it too easy for malicious code to be hidden in a mod, as mentioned here. (thanks manwith noname)

Having discrete downloads with the plugin source available makes it much harder to hide malicious code.

“Can I get a Steam key if I bought KSP somewhere else?”

No, unless you bought it before 20 March 2013.[]


Squad is committed to adding multiplayer to KSP, but as KSP was designed from the beginning to be a single player game adding multiplayer is a large undertaking, and no date for multiplayer in KSP has been released.


The developers at Squad are still working on updates to KSP.

The date of the next update is never released in advance. There’s a progress report every Tuesday on the Steam forum and the official forum.[]

You can also find news and rumours on the forums, live streams[] and the KSP wiki.[]

More information about KSP

The KSP wiki[] is a great resource for both new and experienced players, or you can ask a question in this forum.

The old FAQ written by our former and never forgotten community manager Capt'n Skunky can be found here.
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