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Half-Life 2 Movie
I think they should totally look into this, the story line is off the charts good and I know the perfect canidate to play Mr.Freeman ( Bryan Cranston { breaking bad } ) it would be a great seller I feel.
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Lets actually finish the story first.
They have been producing this thing forever and besides a movie in the mean time would keep people comeing back for more.
I want a Mass Effect movie about the First Contact War.
1. Lets finish the story
2. I am kinda on the fence about a movie cause the way it is I think would be better to stay as a game.
3. If they made a movie I would want Valve heavily involved so it gets done right and they would need an amazing director.
Because video game movies are always so good.
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What does this have to do with Steam? There is an offtopic section.
Lol it has everything to do with steam and yeah lets keep waiting years for the story to finish... thats rediculous.
No. Producing a Half-Life movie would poison the video game franchise.
OKAY I GET THE GAME NEEDS TO BE FINISHED. I'm just looking for curious thoughts if a movie would be cool. No need to take it serious, just wondering.
There was a fan movie set in the HL universe at one point, I'm sure you could google 'HL2 Indie movie' and find it ezpz. But no, I don't think I would watch a HL2 movie.
Bryan Cranston IS Gordon Freeman.
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Bryan Cranston IS Gordon Freeman.
Ross Scott is Gordon Freeman.
I would love to see a half life movie
Yeah, let's ruin another great franchise by selling the idea to movie makers! That totally won't backfire and forever be known as a bad move.
Maybe, but only if it's an animated film. Probably the best to do that will be the same Valve!
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