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Major Missile Sep 13, 2013 @ 1:55am
Solutions that can reduce anger between a mad gaming horde, and quiet developers.
There is a way to benefit BOTH sides, and nobody has to give up what they really want. Most parts of this disscussion are in general, and not just for you know what.
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Major Missile Sep 13, 2013 @ 3:27am 
Ok lets start here so we can have the majority of people concerned.
There are 2 main reasons that the players are mad...
  • It's been A LONG time since HL2:ep2 has came out and Valve has said that HL2:ep3 would come out short after. Unless Valve builds a time machine and stops that developer from ever posting that, that information will ALLWAYS be on the internet.
  • Valve's silence of *Next Half-Life Game Name here* has made gamers angry, or at least THINK that. You got to admit, Gaben's reply to the "When will Half-Life 2: ep3 be realeased?" question was once,"If you know enough to ask the question, you know enough what the answer is" was pretty cleaver. (Although I just read HL wiki for that info) The players see that kind of answer as a challange, probally not even close to the real reason any new half life game is not being sold yet.

    Anyone who sees the 2 stated issues above as a very bad should look at what they themselfs are doing, which brings us to the solutions.

    The first concern states the logic of the situation, time, prodution speed and officail statements. Your mind sees that and asks,"Where is this so called game?" To counter this question answer it with the fact YOU know, "It's layed out in some form of work at Valve's office." Now you may ask me how do we know its even there, let me answer that for you with a link. http://half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Future_of_the_Half-Life_series You see why I love wikipedia, facts are 99.9% true there. (Nothing EVER is 100% expect for the phrase 100% itself) Reading the page tells you most of the trouble these developers went through to silence and censor all of this information, which I explain the reason why I thnik they do in a sec. Why would someone protect something they know doesnt exitst?

    The secound concern of the situation is the emotion half of this Half-Life 3/ 2:ep3 problem. Instead of promoting Half-YOUR-Life to spamming Valve (which will cause the game to take much longer to be made beacuse of your actions, more on that later) go do somthing else, your just wasting your time sending emails, items, and/or message. Why not play Garry's Mod, it can do just about anything. No matter what you like, Gmod's got you covered. Plus if you don't have Garry's Mod, you most likely can buy it. If you can read this, you have Steam, as long as you got the computer compatabillaty you are on your way.

    Bottom line is, THINK. If players try to speed up the game's progress speed, Valve will have to deal with a issue rather than just making the game. I'm going to qoute something here, Why would you kick a horse if it's top speed?" or to make it sound modern, "What's the point of filling a botttle with more water after it's full?" If you want the game, let Valve do it in peace.

    More posts to come and fell free to post YOUR TRUE opinion.
Major Missile Sep 13, 2013 @ 3:41am 
More on Garry's Mod, Who dosen't want to turn the mysteyious and scary Gman from Half-Life 2, and turn him into a limb flailing, car driving astronaut with a smile on his face so big, he is still kind of creppy.
Lx Sep 13, 2013 @ 9:48am 
yes, you are right but still they will do what is right for them :balloon:
Rochas Sep 13, 2013 @ 9:33pm 
No offense but I sincerely think you are beating a dead horse with this issue. Why? Well there are only a few posters that jump in get to the point and answer the questions or help to resolve issues. Some like to have conversations about various HL2 topics and speculation. And these threads are clearly titled. But the vast majority are simply too un-informed or too lazy to reseach before posting. Look at this thread any given day and you will see 3-5 posts all asking the same question (case in point why am i moving so slowly? Why do I have low gravity?) Do they search the forums, and look and see if a solution has been impliented? Nope! They just post the same question right above the previous same question. And yes a solution HAS been implented for that issue, come on kids read alittle before spewing your woes.. Look at all kids trying to get attention by claiming to have proof of HL3. Yeah right like valve is going to release in devleopment game info to some obscure internet site, really? Come on kids If vavle were to release any information about furture of HL series then steam would be the very first to hear about it outside the internal communication channels.

I myself have been very fortunate with valve. I have had no real big issues with my arsenal of 50 games. Of the ones I have installed and tried only two have given me any real grief, but nothing that is overly taxing since I still have the origianl disks and an old pc running win 98 that i can play them on when I'm in the mood for retro, so for me those were non issues. Also for the old games that don't need an old pc to run I just create a virtual drive and put the games there and run them, Heck I do not even need to have steam running for those games, just mount the drive log onto it and select and run. Again I have been fortunate.

However I am a stickler about my pc and research before instlalling. I check the forums and see what kind of trouble I may expect. Are there solutions? If so can I implement them should I encounter any of those issues. I work in engineering though we do not make games where I work I have been in enough meetings with various department heads of the big three (electrical, mechanical, and software), to get a good idea on why and how the title got shelved and how difficult it may become to dust it off given changes in coding and hardware, and more unfortunately the attention span and problem sovling ability of the targeted demographic. And if and when it does I will no longer be in that targeted range. Now I was waaaay back when the ride first started, but not now. That being said I would indeed be one of the first to check it out should they be in the mood to continue the story.
Major Missile Sep 17, 2013 @ 9:48am 
Yes, Rochas, a lot of impatiant people on the web. Althouth anyone who does care in this way can think that a formal, organized, response may just be a correct approach. In fact this whole disscusion was from my life lessions that I taught myself, and as anyone, I still am. Those who don't see this as formal and organized, rather they see it as <Replace with negative Insult here> don't get the point and i'm NOT teaching them the problem. This is just my way of writing and example and I am sorry if anyone sees this as a lession. I do like the fact you posted in a non offensive manor and I do not take any eatheir, plus this information YOU provided has helped this post that is still in devlopment. For everyone reading, most developers of anything like non offensive feedback, I also like that as shown. Still, probally not teaching and the problem is just DISSCUSED how to be solved, not taught. My goal here is to show we can disscuss this cleanly and nicely.

More posts sometime, trying to get that full time first.
Last edited by Major Missile; Sep 17, 2013 @ 9:50am
Major Missile Sep 17, 2013 @ 9:54am 
Rochas, also, have you seen any bits of useful info in the first post? I start to get off topic after a while sometimes. :|
Rochas Sep 17, 2013 @ 6:20pm 
You get off topic? I am the king of rambling, give me a beer and I will tell you a long windinded tail of how a vacuum is not really a vaccum when the subject matter is "would you pass the salt".

Anyway I am a bit confused. Are hoping for an enlightned conversation about HL3 content? Rumour, conjector, or known fact? In the hope that any associated developer will read it and take a few points? Or are you hoping to provide a venue to get people to release pent up frustration over the long wait and cliff hanger ending of HL2 ep2 in a controlled and constuctive way?

In any event I will try to keep my irritation for a certian type of posters to minimum. In my opinion it has been on the shelf so long that re-hasing it for today is a daunting task. Gabe may have very detailed notes about the conclusion of ep3 and the borialis. Then again he may not. If they are planning on skipping straight to HL3 then those questions will be on the top of the minds of the fan base of the story arc. (the previoulsy mentioned cliff hanger). How do those issues get addressed? Opening cut scene? A playable prelude? A naration?. Or just cold turkey skip right to the action and let the player figure things out as they go? How big are the maps? Do we need to put a arrow telling where the player should go? Do we need to highlight useable items? Invisable walls? Or just natural maps the guide the player along the path? Do we need tesselation? Rain? Snow? Flayable vehicles? A console version? Or a PC port? Those answers will be the overall deciding factor of the limitaions of gameplay. Then how to apply that to the wanted story and wind up with the doable story.
Major Missile Sep 19, 2013 @ 1:47am 
Well the first post was more about the latter but the second is more like the next post im going to post sometime.
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