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The Brown Hornet 29 listopada 2012 o 6:56
HL2 is Like an Action/Chase Film
I am playing both HL games for the first time, the first, which I haven't beat yet is like a scientific mystery, I'm blasting everything in sight but it feels like there is a conspiracy or some bigger picture to solve. Good game but looks primitive, lol. HL2 so far feels like an action movie with chase sequences and an escape from City 17 vibe. I'm still not sure why they are after me or what I even did but I guess like crazy dude said in the beginning, Freeman just always shows up at the wrong time.

A lil disappointed though, the early game had a Twilight Zone feel with mind control, totalitarian regime, depressed people sleepwalking through their day but all that disappeared soon as the shooting began. I would of liked to see more of the city life before the "action movie" kicked in...but maybe things will slowdown a bit and some story will develop
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[RGers] Major Havoc 29 listopada 2012 o 8:01 
Try out Black Mesa Source which is a total Source conversion of the Original Half-Life instead of a direct port.Though I would recommend completing the original Half-Life first because Black Mesa Source has a reduced Surface Tension and the game ends when you jump into the Zen portal.
The Brown Hornet 29 listopada 2012 o 13:51 
Ohh no, no more HL downloads for me, I still got to beat the ones I have now!!
GEλR° 30 listopada 2012 o 8:41 
In Half-Life 1, the idea is to shoot stuff, and kill the final boss, I'm not telling you who it is, In half-life 2, the combine invaded earth, the guy on the t.v and on those huge screens, is wallace breen, he was your administrator in the first game at black mesa, and he was given control over earth because he turned his back on the human race and aided the combine in taking over the world.

The combine is trying to kill everyone, not just you (Oviously) but you are a person of intrest in thier eyes because you opened the rift between earth and zen, wich kind of foiled the combine's plans to enslave all the creatures of zen, they also want to kill you because you have extreme combat expierience from the first game, so you are a great aid to the rebels, and considering the combine want to kill the human race, you are not good news for them

rafaelherschel 30 listopada 2012 o 16:08 
HL2 is a long game with lots of different locations. I remember the quiet moments most vividly.
mcratbite 5 grudnia 2012 o 10:24 
Don't worry, trippy oppression stuff comes back again, and the reason they are after you is because you didnt get on the train like they wanted you to and then there is the fact that you are killing their patrols and otherwise not cooperating with their intentions.
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Half-Life 2 > Dyskusje ogólne > Szczegóły tematu
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