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Don't understand loot filter.
I've tried to use Damage and Character filters to no avail. I've dropped all my equipped items on the ground and systematically turned on and off relevant filters. All my gear has bleed damage on, but with only Damage-Bleed filter on nothing shows up.

Components will show components by itself.

With no filters selected only relics show on the ground.

With every Damage and Character filters turned on nothing shows up.

When only Quality filters are turned on, nothing shows up unless ' always show uniques' is toggled and will only show my uniques.

Only when Quality and Type filters are turned on, do my items show up.

Not sure if i'm doing this wrong. But what I expect when I turn only Damage-Bleed filter on is to see all bleed equipment. However, in order to see anything I need to have Quality and Type filters enabled, which would make all Damage and Character filters useless since I see all equipment regardless if it has bleed or not. Could someone help me out here?

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Jin Mar 19, 2019 @ 2:27pm 
The Quality filter is the "global filter". If you uncheck them all you will not see anything at all. Except epics and legendaries if you check the "show epic/legendaries". So the first decision you are going to make is what quality you actually want to see. If you want yellow+ then you uncheck common and leave everything else on.

The next filter setting is about which slots you want to see, which type of weapons, armors, rings etc. If you never use shields just uncheck that for example.

Now that you have decided what kinda equipment you want to see you can set what you want the equipment to have that passes those filters. You mention Bleed, so you check Bleed and uncheck all other types of damage.

You can then probably keep the rest unchecked unless you struggle for some resistances, I would recommend to leave resistances checked too, it will show you more drops and unless you are maxed out on resistances you probably still want to have armor that has no bleed but good resistances.

I personally have for my character:

1st column: common and magic unchecked, show all epics/legendaries
2nd column: all 2h weapons, rings/amulets, armors
3rd column: my damage (vitality and bleed)
4th column: my masteries and resistances
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[Shinta]Enishi Mar 19, 2019 @ 8:23pm 
I have all 4 columns enabled, every single filter, I drop my rare shoulders and they don't show up. I don't know if the item is glitched, or something is wonky with filters.
DeadlyDanDaMan Mar 19, 2019 @ 11:27pm 
You need to post a screenshot of what your loot filter looks like. Trying to talk through something like this is almost impossible, because we don't know EXACTLY what you are ACTUALLY doing. You can SAY you doing one thing, but you might not be at all, even if you think you are.
DeadlyDanDaMan Mar 19, 2019 @ 11:30pm 
I figured out what you are doing wrong I bet. I bet you have "Only show Double Rares" checked, don't you? Guess what that does? It "Only shows Double Rares". Meaning you won't see anything BUT Double Rares.
[Shinta]Enishi Mar 20, 2019 @ 12:57am 
I was planning on sending many images, but found the problem. I had 2 rare equipments I was testing the filter with, one was a monster infrequent and did not realize it, so when one showed up and the other did not I thought something was wonky. I did have the monster filter on. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for all the help.
Mara Jadewind Mar 20, 2019 @ 2:36am 
The filter is wonky, I had experience halfway through my drop is not showing at all only aether is showing and gold+potion still auto loot though not shown.

Had to restart the game to make all the drop show again.
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