Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes

Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes

molocoshi 2012年10月20日下午9:21
How to unlock "row master" & "Quick Time Event" achievement?
It is unacquirable although it continued rowing a boat at the beginning of the chapter 3.
最后由 molocoshi 编辑于; 2012年10月20日下午10:35
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SketchStone 2012年10月21日下午1:13 
It may seem to take an age, but the boat achievement is gained by rowing to and fro. I rowed all the way to the left and then all the way back. I had to do this for absolutely ages - my guess would be about 6-10 times. You go faster backwards than forwards. Keep at it - it takes patience, but you will get it.

As for the Quicktime event, I have no idea, sorry :(
molocoshi 2012年10月21日下午5:56 
thx Sketchstone!
It has unlocked.

Quicktime event
After pressing a X key several times, it was unlocked when going up.

I did achievement complete:)
SketchStone 2012年10月22日下午2:42 
More than welcome :) Do you mean going up the ladder in the chimneys?
molocoshi 2012年10月22日下午5:25 
After the boat event of the chapter 3
Kenomorph 2012年10月25日上午8:38 
Quicktime doesn't work for me, pressed like 10 min the x button then eaten the button got up the ledge, no achievement. Am I doing something wrong? Also I have many more Achievements missing like , deja vu, fight club, arms too short, shibuya power, loathing mini games and super girl. any tipps for those?
Also is there any Steam Achievement Communtiy forum like all the Ps3 or Xbox achievement forums, I got many more games missing Achievements, some Guides would be awesome ;)
SketchStone 2012年10月26日上午9:24 
I'm still not clear on what precisely needs to be done to get that Quicktime achievement and where, exactly.

As for the others:

Deja Vu - In the town, go tot he graveyard and take the exit that is tot he left of the woman sitting near the fire. It leads to a scene from the first game, which will pop the achievement.

Arms Too Short - Just repeatedly try to reach for stuff that the game tells you Lilli's arms are too short to reach. Examples are with the be hive above the well near the stat, and the lantern at the top of the Asylum.

Super Girl - repeatedly change the restrictions (pick a different Harvey to block).

Loathing - skip all mini games where possible (I think - I need to go back through the game to get this, but since I didn't enjoy it all that much, it will be a long time off for me)
NSANE 2012年10月26日下午5:28 
The achievements for this game, they are maddening! Argh.

What about the multiple endings one? Do we really need to replay the game?

Edit: Will we posting solutions about the achievements here. Most of them are rinse and repeat stuff.

coffee junkie: drink coffee several times, that's what you do to get out of Lili's subconcious with Harvey the bunny.

Droggeljug: just keep clicking on droggeljug until the achievment is unlocked.

cell song: on chapter 3, after giving the medium the sheets, talk to her again.

Will keep posting them as soon as I find them.
最后由 NSANE 编辑于; 2012年10月28日下午3:17
SketchStone 2012年10月27日上午8:07 
No need to replay the whole thing, just reload a save and pick something different when given the choice.
最后由 SketchStone 编辑于; 2012年10月27日上午8:07
NSANE 2012年10月28日下午3:04 
Thanks! So, no clue about how to get the Quicktime achievement? I don't understood what that guy meant.

Also, I'm missing this ones: pizza time, junk food, electric shock, fight club and shibuya power. Though they probably unlock by repeating actions... but I don't have enough save files so I'll have to replay the game a lot =(

Suscribed to this topic!
最后由 NSANE 编辑于; 2012年10月28日下午3:19
mazedummy 2012年10月29日上午6:58 
I think i just found the answer to the "Quick Time Event" Achievement :D

You just have to click VERY, VERY often at the ledge! like 5000 times ^^
Then after you eat the "X-button" (energy-smartie) and then climb up the ledge, you should get the achievement ;)
xym 2012年11月2日上午6:40 
I pushed X a few times when it came up as a prompt and also clicked on the the ledge before eating the thing, but it was nowhere near 5000 times. And when I got up I got the achievement.
Epicje 2012年11月2日上午9:42 
More spoilers:

Pizza time: Do the pizza dressing thing in 1 go, so no messing up.
Electric shock: Click something you're not supposed to to get shocked, like clicking on the fire without [you must not play with fire]. Do this around 15-20 times to get it.
There's no "Junk food" achievement, but if you mean "Coffee junky" then here we go:
Coffee junky: Drink from the coffee mug around 15 times (chapter 2 police station or the bar and chapter 3 with the dragon).
最后由 Epicje 编辑于; 2012年11月2日上午9:44
Ginger Snap 2012年11月12日下午4:42 
I'm going to start crying in 2.2 seconds! I've been rowing for 35 min.!!!!! I row all the way to the left and then as far as I can right. I don't get out of the boat when I get to the dock/jetty thing. HELP! It's my last achievement. :( I tried counting my passes but I got so f-ing bored I forgot what number I was on. :(
最后由 Ginger Snap 编辑于; 2012年11月12日下午4:43
Ginger Snap 2012年11月12日下午4:56 
Ok. I just got it. I no longer feel like going on a killing spree. :]
最后由 Ginger Snap 编辑于; 2012年11月12日下午4:56
MeatClown 2013年6月19日下午12:59 
I tried for the Row Master achievement for hours and hours. I finally got it but I think I should clarify for anyone else attempting it. When you get in the boat you row to the next screen with the jetty, then on to the third screen where the water is flowing from the pipe. You MUST click on the water under the pipe to row ALL the way up to it, then proceed to row back to the first screen where you found the boat. There you MUST row all the way to the grate by clicking on the water, you have to do this a few times, if you don't get it after 10 laps then try opening the door, you will automatically return to the boat and try the rowing again. I'm not 100% of the circumstances of this achievement but I'm confident that is the method required to gain Row Master. I hope this helps.
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