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Would be awesome if they could add achievements of some sorts...

Find 13 purple cubes.
Beat the game,
Beat the game under the time limit.
Find at least 5 developer rooms.
Get your first gun
Find all signs
Reach the empty white room?

Would be cool. :)
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He's working on fixing the 2 unobtainable pink cubes first (they are pink, only look purple through the glass), as well as giving a purpose to finding all of them.

Now going in order of the acheivements you've listed...
1. Like I said there's going to be 14 or 15 of them after they've been fixed, as well as an ingame purpose to finding them (most likely the "Under Construction" door)
2. It's not really the type of game you just 'beat', it cloases at the end for a reason. There's an underlying storyline. Sure it'd make for a good acheivement on Steam once you get to the credits, but it's never really "beating" the game.
3. The time limit itself is just a troll and it's meant to be a troll. I'm part of the Antichamber speedrunning community, so getting to the credits wayyy before the timer runs out is trivial.
4. There are 8-9 Dev Rooms total (8 if you don't count the empty room, and 9 if you do count it; the wiki counts it as a Dev Room). Most of them aren't too hard to find, or even get into.
5. I agree that there should be acheivements when obtaining each gun (including the black/dark gun just before The End)
6. Obtaining all the signs is also pretty trivial, just complete most of the puzzles (there are actually a ton of puzzles that can be skipped and still obtain all the signs; again, speedrunning community)
7. The empty room is considered as a Dev Room, so it really shouldn't have it's own acheivement.

The biggest problem with acheivements is that you can backup/delete/restore the SavedGame.bin and just obtain all of them by a simple copy/paste of the SavedGame. Think of us speedrunners as well, who delete and restore the SavedGame many many multiple times in a day (whether it be for doing actual runs, testing new routes, or noclipping around the map to see how it all fits together). I personally have about 5 different SavedGames backed up for route testing. I believe that removing and restoring different SavedGames would affect the Steam acheivements as well, and this just wouldn't work.
Well still, I myself like achievements and try to get them, so it's cool for me. Doesn't really matter if other people use save games to get them instantly. And yeah, some might be trivial, but if everything in life was getting all the neccesary things, it would be pretty boring.
Being able to just instantly obtain all the acheivements for a game by copying a save game is a BIG deal for Steam/Valve though.
Also, how would it be able to tell if you even have all the acheivements if you've deleted your save? Steamcloud checks the save every time you close the game, and this is how it syncs your newly obtained acheivements with their servers. I don't know if they would remove previously obtained acheivements if the save is deleted though, but it is a possibility.
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Pretty sure they won't, otherwise I'd have all my achievements gone at some points.
But it's not about people instantly getting achievements though Achievements aren't made for people like that. It's for the people that will replay the game because an achievement says you can find 1x pink cubes and they haven't done that.
Personally I believe the main point of the pink cubes is not knowing how many there are. I mean, obviously if you look it up or if you know how to noclip it's easy to figure out.
True, but then an achievement of "Find at least 10 pink cubes" Would fit nicely. It'll make you go exploring.
I think the developer said he was working on archievements but havent heard of those. It would be nice add I think :P And I think Valve doesnt care That much about random game archievements.. They arent that big deal in Steam
I don't know, I kind of feel achievements don't really fit with this game; it almost seems like it's cheapening the experience. Especially why-does-that-need-to-be-an-achievement "Find your first gun." And stuff like "Find all the pink cubes/dev rooms" makes it more like doing things to check off a list, especially if you wouldn't be aware of them without the achievements.
@Californ1a: There are many other games on Steam too, which simply uses save files, which could unlock all of the achievements at once with every launch, and Valve never had problems with that afaik. Also, once achievements are unlocked, they won't lock again ever. Though, I agree that this game don't necessarily needs achievements. I usually support achievements for games, but with Antichamber, I just didn't feel their absence as a bad thing.
Messaggio originale di FrozenTrout:
I don't know, I kind of feel achievements don't really fit with this game
Yeah, I loved the timer message, for instance, and I think it works a lot better (or perhaps, is simply not hypocritical) thanks to the fact the game doesn't give you explicit objectives. Achievements would run counter to that, I feel.
probably right
Agreed. Antichamber doesn't need achievement.
It's not a matter of NEEDING acheivements. No game should NEED an acheivement system, but when used properly, acheivements encourage players to challenge the game in new ways or set new goals, and explore features that the developers took the time to add in, but that might be easily missed if they are just focused on "winning"
It also allows developers to market a game towards a casual crowd, while still being able to offer something to "hardcore" gamers who scoff at what mainstream considers a "challenge"

In that respect, I believe some proper achievements would be a HUGE benefit to Antichamber, as there is SO much that can be completely bypassed, sometimes without even realizing it.

Also there's no need to worry about acheivements being "lost" - acheivements are attached to your steam profile. The only thing to worry about is if you ever want them to go away, which seems darn near impossible.

My list of achievements for Antichamber would be:

STANDARD SET: (a player will be more likely to want to try for unearned acheivements if they have already gotten a few from their natural game path) these also work as hints to players who are getting stuck and are uncertain of what "goal" they are trying to reach.

1) Get the blue gun

2/3/4/5) get the green/yellow/red/black gun.

6) Grow new cubes

7) Finish the game

8) Reset your game


1) Beat the game within the time limit

2) Beat the game without escaping back to the start room

3) Read all the signs

4) Move X# of pink cubes through their paths
4b) HIDDEN Move ALL pink cubes through their paths

5) Find all the developer rooms

6) Find all rooms

7) open every door

8) beat the game without the red gun

9) Don't jump to the chase - Don't press the jump button before starting "The Chase"
9b) a Hop, Skip, and a Jump - get all the way through "The end" with only 3 jumps [EDIT: CONFIRMED AS POSSIBLE]

10) Colors of the rainbow - get a chain of all 4 colored cubes to touch each other [EDIT: CONFIRMED AS POSSIBLE]
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Thanks for your input Grey Acumen, and I agree with you, since most of the times with achievements, I'll go look which ones I've missed and then try to figure out how to get them.
The biggest problem with the acheivements would be that they would tip off the player with things that they wouldn't know otherwise... such as "grow new cubes" and "obtain <this> gun"

9 and 10 in your challenge set aren't possible.
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