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Hourendous Feb 28, 2013 @ 1:12pm
Second Red Gun?
I've noticed something with one of the areas around the 7 room or that looks into the 7 room, theres actually a second room with a Red gun in it that we cant access. I already have the red gun, and some of the "windows" that look into that room show the little spot where the red gun was as empty.
But theres one "window" that shows a room with a red gun still in it, anyone else notice it? Found it kind of neat myself, though sadly it doesnt seem possible to get to that version of the room, lol.
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Csatraddota Feb 28, 2013 @ 2:36pm 
In some parts of the game you can notice that there are pixel sharp co-ordinates where you shift from 1 place to another. The rooms are identical and the initial graphics of the game helps too, not to notice these "teleportings", tho at some secret areas it is actually told ingame how it works.
With this in mind you can clearly understand that there are copy rooms existing in the game where you teleport in and out or you can only observe like the 4D rooms that changes from different sides. What you see is only a pre-generated room with a specific camera that linked to a point in wich you can peer into it.
If you bring up the developer consoles and use wallclip you can go trough the walls and see all the "fraction" rooms that are only there to navigate you seemlessly during the game. If you look around enough you probably find that room too.

Best way to spot these "fake rooms" is to leave a cube almost everywhere and you will notice when they simply dissapear, then you entered into a copycat room.

Sadlly the game engine mechanic is really really basic and it uses this technique. It also force the graphics not to use any special effects, hell even the cubes you put down instantly ruins it.

I hope when he makes the next game he will use programing mathematichans and they help him write changing algorithms where the change of the room is a linear or non linear pixelperfect shift of the entire polyworld and textures and any shading effects on them bound to a single varible, your actuall vector of movement.

Im talking about badass algebry here where you create the equatations and not using the existing ones.
Hourendous Feb 28, 2013 @ 5:11pm 
I noticed that also, i somewhat figured that what it had to be, though i cant remember where i could spot that room from now as i couldnt find it again when i looked. But ya i noticed that in a few spots where i would place a cube, take a step or 2 back and have it disapear like that.
I agree with you though, this game itself was a very nice step towards something potentially amazing, if they can start making it take into account...foreign objects in the room like placed cubes and have them transfer over to the new one to make it seem even more seemless, or even create a double of them so it ends in both rooms, could make for en even more mind bending experience.
I also discovered its very easy to crash the game making use of the red gun. It doesnt seem to like it to much if you just start creating a floor and have it expand and expand, lol.
Drowning witch Mar 1, 2013 @ 6:50am 
you can see this fake red gun room in one of the rooms with a number , i think its either 6th or 7th floor.
ArtyD42 Mar 3, 2013 @ 6:16am 
Chasing your tail is a good way to find a very specific point where your bricks instantly disapear.
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