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OSX support. How soon?
I already have the game but I really want to buy it again as a gift for a friend of mine who is a mathematician and he will greatly enjoy it. Unfortunately, he only uses OSX machines.

I know that the developer has said that OSX will be actually supported, but how soon?

If I buy it now and keep it in my inventory, will it be redeemed/work on OSX machines when it becomes available or will I have to buy the specific OSX version?
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Bought it as well, but I use Mac. (I use Wine and also have another Windows PC - I'm not stupid) but, I hope that the Mac version will be downloadable whenever it comes out - if we bought the PC version on Steam :/
Alexander Bruce, I would really like a feedback on this please.
I'd like to know this as well. If we'll eventually be getting OSX support on steam, then I'd definitely buy a copy right now to give to someone later once support is added.
Alex just responded to my tweet, he said we should actually wait for an OSX version.
Talash 2013年4月17日 10時12分 
Aww okay. Thanks for the followup hostolis.
Actually wait for OSX version?? It has almost been half a year since it was released...
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